News From Recent ‘Southern Charm’ Court Date To Change Custody Conditions

The battling couple from Southern Charm, Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis, were called back into court the day the Southern Charm reunion aired to hammer out more details of the custody arrangements. Kathryn allegedly balked at the details and the idea that the judge did not seal the court proceedings between Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis. A display like the one in which Thomas Ravenel threatened to share court papers on air during the Southern Charm reunion would not and could not happen if the judge sealed the proceedings, which involve the minor children of Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis.

According to the Inquisitr, it was obvious at the Southern Charm reunion show that certain members of the cast took great pleasure in the court proceedings and the failed drug test that caused Kathryn to require supervised custody with her children. Landon laughed and asked Thomas Ravenel to pull out his court papers that would force Kathryn to admit on camera that she failed the drug test. But Landon was no longer laughing when information came out that she was Thomas Ravenel’s second choice for a romantic getaway after Kathryn refused to sleep with Thomas.


All About the Tea reported that the Southern Charm case of Ravenel v Dennis has officially been sealed as of June 27, and both parties have now also been gagged, as the judge was criticized for allowing details of the minor children to be shared. There has been a suggestion that Kathryn had decided not to adhere to the agreement that had been hashed out. Allegedly, Thomas had said that Kathryn would not appear in court, yet she did, and unlike Thomas Ravenel, Kathryn has been absent from social media since before the Southern Charm reunion. The agreement as of the Monday court hearing outlines what was not allowed during visits with the children.

  • Thomas was granted unsupervised visitation of Kensington and St. Julien
  • Kathryn must have supervised visitation, but her parents can supervise
  • Custody will be 50/50, one week on, one week off
  • No drug use will be permitted
  • No paramours will be allowed in the homes within certain hours
  • No use of prescription drugs will be allowed
  • No alcohol is allowed during visitation
  • Any drug and alcohol use must cease twelve hours before visitation

Kathryn reportedly is addressing her drug use, and seeking help at this point.


But no more information has surfaced, according to Tamara Tattles, about what will come of Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel’s refusal to take a full drug test, which includes hair from his body, and not just his head. The other hair indicates how far back drug use has happened, and numerous sources indicate Thomas Ravenel has used drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, and Molly (MDMA), that he allegedly procured from Southern Charm’s Landon Clements. But the questions raised about the differences in the tests have not yet been answered.

“To her credit, Dennis provided the court with body hair samples from her arms, legs, neck and back. Ravenel allegedly refused to submit body hair for testing – allowing only a sample of hair to be taken from the top of his head.

“Body hair tests can reveal evidence of drug use dating back anywhere from six months to a year – while head hair tests typically provide only a three-month window. Head hair tests can also be beaten fairly easily by using drug detoxification shampoos.”


The Southern Charm legal wrangling is far from over, and both parties will have to change certain behaviors if they want to maintain custody of their children. Fans are hoping that in part two of the Southern Charm reunion, it won’t be a solid hour of Thomas Ravenel and friends rehashing a custody hearing over the two minor children.


Do you think that the current Southern Charm custody agreement should stand? Do you think Thomas Ravenel should have to take a full body drug test after refusing?

[Image via Bravo]