Carole Radziwill Defends Herself Over Comments On Jules Wainstein’s Weight, Says Dorinda Medley Was ‘S**t Stirring’

Carole Radziwill received some criticism on social media as the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New York City aired on Wednesday night. Some viewers have a problem with what Carole said about Jules Wainstein regarding her weight and questionable behavior during the group’s pizza-making party. They pointed out to Carole that she shouldn’t talk about Jules’ weight since she herself is so skinny.

Carole defended herself by saying that there’s a difference between simply being skinny and having an eating disorder. Carole also pointed out that Jules’ act of slipping prescription pills in her food was hardly normal behavior. As for Jules’ anger at her, Carole claimed that Jules had no problem with her until Dorinda Medley, who decided to be a “s**t stirrer,” told Jules how to react.

In regards to her questions to Jules about her eating disorder and weight, Carole pointed out that it’s natural for someone to ask those questions when getting to know someone who has an eating disorder.

In response to someone who tweeted that Carole probably weighs about 100 pounds herself, Carole wrote that being naturally thin and having an eating disorder are two different things.

Carole maintained that she doesn’t have an eating disorder.

Carole also pointed out that Jules openly talked about her eating disorder on camera, so it was fair game as a topic of discussion.

Carole agreed with a viewer that Jules is not being honest about her eating disorder.

Carole pointed out that Adderall, which Jules said she takes regularly, makes people lose weight.

Carole maintained that she’s concerned and sad for Jules.

As for Dorinda Medley later going to Jules’ house and telling her that she needs to stick up for herself more when it comes to the other women’s snide remarks, Carole wrote that prior to Dorinda’s “s**t stirring,” Jules said that she wanted people to question her behavior so that she’s held accountable.

“Well that is what Jules said….but then she changed her mind with Dorinda s**t stirring. LOL.”

On Twitter, Dorinda stuck up for her friend. Dorinda questioned why Carole Radziwill and Bethenny Frankel are so obsessed about Jules’ weight when they weigh 200 pounds together.

Carole criticized Dorinda for her tweet.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, in a previous episode, prior to Jules telling the others about her history with an eating disorder, Bethenny guessed that Jules had an eating disorder because her own mom had an eating disorder.

However, Dorinda stuck by her position that Jules needs to stick up for herself more.

In fact, Dorinda believes that Jules should fight back against the mean girls.

As for Jules’ sometimes odd behavior, Dorinda believes that it is due to nervousness over not being accepted.

On The Real Housewives of New York City, during the group’s pizza making party, Jules whispered to Carole, who was sitting right next to her, that she was going to put Adderall, Percocet, and Lidocaine, all of which she had in her purse, in her calzone. Carole told her that she shouldn’t do that. When Carole noticed that Jules wasn’t mixing her ingredients, Carole joked that Jules probably wishes that she could erase all her “food issues.”

“You don’t mix your food. Don’t you wish you could get a Jedi mind, sweep away all your food issues?”

Jules quickly retorted that it wasn’t a “food issue” but a matter of taste. Jules added that she doesn’t focus on her weight or her eating. Carole asked Jules if she weighs herself. Jules said that she never does, and that when she goes to her doctor, she even turns around and tells the medical personnel to not tell her the number. Carole then asked Jules how much she weighs. Jules said that she has no idea, then guessed that she weighs 115 pounds.

When all of the food finished cooking, Jules’ calzone was placed in the middle of the table. She encouraged everyone to dig in. As it turns out, Jules had stuffed her calzone with a fork, a knife, and a stainless steel cup. While Jules thought it was hilarious, everyone else thought it was just weird.

When Carole, after Jules left the restaurant, told Bethenny how much Jules thinks she weighs, Bethenny quipped, “She looks like she weighs 115 ounces!”

Later, during a catch-up with former housewife Heather Thomson, Carole gave her some info on Jules. Carole said that Jules “definitely has food rituals.” Carole then told Heather than when they were making pizza, Jules stuck her knife, fork, and measuring cup into her calzone. Carole gave her opinion that Jules did so in order to mess up her food so she wouldn’t have to eat it.

“It is just strange. Like, I’m worried. I’m thinking, I think, she’s doing that to make a game or like, so she doesn’t have eat it. Food is a game to her…As someone who’s coming into it completely new, it’s definitely worrisome.”

In a confessional interview, Carole said that it seems that Jules, who had previously said that she has nothing to talk about with her therapist anymore since her eating disorder is in the past, is still dealing with an eating disorder.

“What Jules did the other night, it’s bizarre. Up until that point, she talked about her eating disorder. Kind of felt like it was something she had addressed, and now it’s just felt like she’s in the middle of it.”

Is Carole really just concerned for Jules? She isn’t buying that, and Jules believes that both Carole and Bethenny are simply projecting and bullying her.

Viewers may also see Jules Wainstein react more aggressively to Carole Radziwill and Bethenny Frankel as The Real Housewives of New York City season continues. Perhaps on the upcoming reunion show, Jules will take Dorinda Medley’s advice to fight back. Jules tweeted that it’s time for her to “grow a pair of calzones.”

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