Two Mysterious UFOs With Lights Filmed in Broad Daylight Over Seattle Spark A Debate [Video]

A witness in Seattle, Washington, has reported filming two UFOs with lights — or highly reflective surfaces — and “sharp edges” flying over the city.

According to the unnamed witness in a report filed as Case 77300 in the archives of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), he was standing outside at his workplace during the day on June 21, 2016, when he noticed two hovering lights in the sky, Open Minds TV reports.

He asked a colleague to fetch his bag containing his camcorder while he kept an eye on the UFOs.

“I told a co-worker to go grab my bag which I keep a camcorder in, while I kept an eye on the two objects,” the witness told MUFON.

While the colleague rushed off to get the bag, he watched the light sources in the sky. He noticed there were two small UFOs with lights. But it appeared to the witness that they were not giving off their own light but merely reflecting the sun in daylight.

“I don’t believe they were giving off their own light but rather reflecting the sunlight.”

He began filming the two UFOs as soon as he had turned on his camcorder. He had difficulty focusing on them because they were small.

“I turned on my camcorder and attempted to zoom in on the objects,” he said, “but it was difficult since they were so small and the camera had a hard time focusing in on them.”

The video (see above) appears to show a UFO with multiple lights flashing irregularly, unlike white airplane strobe lights. It appears in the video as if the mysterious UFO was producing the light itself. But the witness, who viewed the object in daylight, said he thought the lights were merely reflections of sunlight, suggesting that the surface of the object was made of a highly reflective material such as metal.

The witness eventually managed to focus, zoom in and film one of the UFOs. When he returned home, he reviewed the video carefully but was unable to match it with any man-made aircraft such as a plane, a helicopter, drone or a balloon.

“When I got home and was able to view the footage, the object appeared to be a highly reflective, ” he said.

He described the object he filmed as “squared,” by which he meant that the edges were sharp and not curved.

The UFO appeared to have a shape similar to a “capital H,” that is, two elongated structures with a shorter bar in the middle, according to the witness.

He filmed it for several seconds and lost sight of them after they went behind a building. He put his camcorder away after they were out of sight, but the UFOs appeared several seconds later to the right, near the point where they were first seen. They began drifting again towards the same building until they disappeared behind it a second time.

UFO with lights hovers over a city [Image via Shutterstock]

He was uncertain whether it was the same pair he had filmed that returned to the same point in the sky or whether they were two new objects that he had missed previously.

“I recorded them for some time and then they slowly went behind the building,” he wrote. “I went to put my camcorder away only to see them again but further to the right. So either they came back almost to the point where I originally saw them or there were two more that I didn’t see when I saw the original two objects. Then those two eventually drifted behind the building as well.”

MUFON representatives in Washington State were investigating the sighting, according to Open Minds TV.

The strange sighting sparked animated discussion on YouTube, with viewers proffering diverse explanations.

A viewer suggested they were large helium-filled balloons. Several other viewers disagreed, saying balloons do not hover like the objects did.

“Interesting; they could be helium filled large balloons, hard to tell for sure,” the viewer commented.

Another viewer suggested they were mylar balloons.

“Gold mylar balloon letters I suspect,” the viewer wrote. “One looks like an ‘M’ but the other is hard to see without further magnification.”

“I believe that UFOS exist [but] the first thing I saw was metal-plated mylar balloons… I don’t see any other explanation.”

But others disagreed with the suggestion that the flying objects were balloons.

“No. Balloons don’t stop and hover.”

“Balloons don’t stay stationary.”

“Balloons don’t have lights pulsating in sequence like these; definitely UFOs; good catch.”

A skeptical viewer, who seemed unimpressed by the sighting, pointed out that nowadays anyone can place a drone in the sky, which could be mistaken for a UFO.

“With the introduction of drones to the public market and very little or no regulation anyone could put something up in the sky and claim it to be a UFO,” the viewer said.

One viewer expressed regret that the witness did not have a better camera such as a Coolpix P900.

The debate continued inconclusively, with nearly as many suggestions as viewers.

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