Taylor Swift Plans Revenge Against Kanye West For Using Her Nude Image In ‘Famous’ Music Video?

When Kanye West debuted his “Famous” music video, the internet buzzed with the revelation that Taylor Swift was among the celebrities featured naked in bed with Kanye. West and Taylor have had a feud lasting for years, and the pop singer doesn’t plan to let him get away with his latest move without retaliating, according to In Touch’s source.

However, don’t look for public announcements coming anytime soon from Team Swift. Instead, the 26-year-old “Bad Blood” singer is planning to keep her revenge subtle, because she believes that West is exploiting her to boost his publicity. Consequently, if Swift publicizes her feelings about Kanye’s music video, she worries that she will enhance his fame, according to the insider.

“[Taylor won’t be] responding to the video publicly…She recognizes that Kanye is using her for publicity and if Taylor responds, it just continues to feed the beast.”

So rather than fight back with a war of words, Swift has decided to “starve the beast.” There is evidence it is working because West’s side has made attempts to figure out what she thinks, claims the source.

Kanye West kick-started his feud with Taylor Swift when he leaped onto the stage after she won the "Best Female Video" award during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.
Kanye West kick-started his feud with Taylor Swift when he leaped onto the stage after she won the "Best Female Video" award during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. [Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

“Why get into another public feud with Kanye? Ignoring Kanye is making him nuts and his camp has even reached out to Taylor’s people, trying to gauge what her mindset was,” revealed the insider.

As for what Swift actually thinks about West’s new music video? She has no intention to help him make it famous because the pop singer has not even viewed it.

“Taylor hasn’t even seen the video, nor does she have any plans to watch it. She heard about it, and that was her level of engagement,” added the source. “Let Kanye do his thing, whatever that is, Taylor could care less about him.”

However, getting revenge by staying silent is not easy for Swift, reported Hollywood Life.

Is Taylor Swift planning revenge against Kanye West?
Is Taylor Swift planning revenge against Kanye West? [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

“Fuming inside” over the fact that West included a naked wax image of the pop star in his “Famous” music video, Taylor is feeling challenged when it comes to refraining from her desire to fire back on social media. However, everyone on Team Swift, from her family to her new boyfriend Hiddleston, is encouraging the pop star to “rise above” the situation, an insider told Hollywood Life.

The brouhaha is not over, however. Although she is maintaining her silence for now, behind the scenes Taylor is focusing on getting help from her pals to plan the perfect revenge against West, revealed the insider.

“She is working with her friends in the industry, the people she trusts most, to come up with an appropriate response…Everything is driving Taylor crazy, and she really wants to let her fans know that she is not okay with this type of crude behavior.”

Swift trusts her squad to steer her in the right direction. And at this point, they have persuaded her to avoid lashing out, which would give West the publicity boost he desires. But once she figures out the perfect plot to retaliate against the rapper, the pop princess reportedly is ready to roar.

Famed for using real-life events as inspiration for her songs, the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer desires to “do way more than a song.” And whatever plot she devises, Taylor is determined not to allow West to escape without paying the price for featuring her nude image in his video.

And there is evidence that Kanye actually wants Swift and other celebrities whose nude images starred in his video to fight back. After the initial shocked headlines, West turned to Twitter to dare the celebrities to challenge him, pointed out Rolling Stone.

“Can somebody sue me already #I’ll wait,” Kanye tweeted.

But although Swift could pay attorneys to get the lawsuit rolling, winning would be tricky. That’s because Kanye utilized celebrity images to achieve what is known in legalese as an “expressive work,” which the Right of Publicity statute in California does not forbid.

If the pop princess chose to try to sue West for defamation, she would need to prove that the rapper’s video blatantly claims he was in a bed with his group of nude celebrities, which is not the case.

Consequently, it appears that coming up with a new set of lyrics to throw shade at Kanye just might be the perfect — and profitable — path for Swift to pursue if and when she decides to retaliate.

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