February 26, 2018
Melania Trump Treated As Gatekeeper After Family Members Accused Of Cyber Bullying

Despite all the rumors swirling around Melania Trump distancing herself from her husband, incidents have popped up that seem to point to the polar opposite of this in recent pictures and reports. The first lady was front and center today when her husband greeted Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his wife, Lucy, at the White House. She was very gracious and her face lit up with bright smiles, suggest the latest reports.

The two couples posed for pictures and then made their way into the White House where they were expected to sit down and have lunch together. After lunch, the two world leaders gave a joint press conference. While Melania was not seen via the camera angle on TV during the press conference, Trump pointed out to the masses that the first lady was in the front row.

Melania was notably in "higher spirits" today than she's appeared in the past few weeks, suggests People. She was reported as a wife distancing herself from her husband on the heels of the accusations of Trump embarking on affairs with an adult film star and a Playboy Playmate. The allegations fall into a timeline shortly after Barron was born, according to People. Trump has denied these affairs.

In the last few weeks, the reports of Melania distancing herself from her husband were attached to some of the behaviors seen between Melania and Donald Trump when they were in public. Melania arrived separately from her husband to board Marine One. They headed down to Florida to visit the first responders and the victims of the Florida school shooting who are still in the hospital. Her solo car trip made the headlines and came along with various suggestions that all is not running as smooth as it should be between the husband and wife, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Melania Trump smiling

There was another incident where Trump appeared to grab onto his wife's thumb as she swiped her hand away from him in what looked like Trump making an attempt to hold his wife's hand. Then the pictures of Melania that surfaced from that walk-through in the hospital showed a somewhat stern look on her face at times with a body language expert offering up an analysis that deemed her demonstrating "fear" and "tension," as reported by Hollywood Life this week. That same report deemed the couple as having "no connection." But that all seems to be changing in the last few days.

Donald and Melania Trump with Australian PM and wife

Melania's demeanor on Friday was brighter, suggests People, as she was pictured "smiling brightly" as she stood side-by-side with her husband. A picture surfaced earlier this week that showed Melania and Donald over the weekend in a fleeting intimate moment. It didn't appear as if they knew someone was lurking nearby with a camera. The couple was sitting close together and Melania had her arm draped over her husband's arm when someone snapped a picture.

Melania Trump wasn't groomed to be a politician's wife as the previous presidents' wives had in their past. Presidents have traditionally worked their way up the political food chain to the Oval Office, with the rare exception. Melania was a stay-at-home mom with only Barron in her scope when it came to responsibilities. Today, she seems to be held accountable for a laundry list full of things, that she really has no control over. Many new responsibilities have been thrust upon her because she is now in the role of first lady.

Early on as the first lady, she was being bashed for her husband's tweets, which were seen by some people as "bullying." This came after she announced she was going to take on the epidemic of online bullying when seeing what it was doing to kids.

Melania was bombarded by people via social media telling her she needed to start her campaign of online bullying at home first, which is still brought up now and then on Twitter. The latest incident that has put Melania in an awkward position was when she posted a remembrance of Random Act of Kindness Day last weekend. She was once again bombarded with suggestions that she start teaching her husband to do some acts of kindness, as described in a previous Inquisitr article.
Now that Melania has been unofficially tasked as the gatekeeper for her husband by some social media users, another tweet today has her being called upon to stop her step-son from cyberbullying, according to an earlier article from Inquisitr. It appears that Donald Trump, Jr. allegedly liked a tweet that called one young man, who has been very vocal about the Florida school shootings, a "crisis actor."
It was the sister of this teen who called on Melania to talk to Trump, Jr. after she alleged that Trump's son "liked" a tweet suggesting her brother was being coached by his father to do show up and say his piece. The tweet is described as "lashing out" at the first lady, but it stands to reason she had no more control over Donald Trump, Jr.'s tweets than she has over her own husband's Twitter usage.

Being called out by the public and scrutinized for even the most mundane of things is all part of politics, which was something that came flooding into Melania's life. This happened very suddenly in comparison to other first ladies like Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama, whose husbands held political offices in their state before coming to Washington, D.C.

While some people appear eager to find fault with the first lady, there are many others who adore her and have empathy for the gigantic job she's taken on without pay because she's married to the president. Not many people would want to live their life under such a microscope as the public has aimed at Melania.