‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers: Which Contestant ‘Tricked’ ABC Producers? Did JoJo Fletcher Fall For His Trap?

The Bachelorette 2016 frontrunner Jordan Rodgers allegedly tricked everyone in the ABC series into believing that he went on the show to find true love. A new report revealed that JoJo Fletcher could be in for a heartbreak if she ended up with the former pro football player.

A source close to Jordan Rodgers told Us Weekly that the former athlete was using The Bachelorette and JoJo Fletcher to advance his career. Since he was cut by the Miami Dolphins in 2014, Rodgers was said to be “desperately” waiting for a comeback. Although he knew that a career in football was not for him, it did not stop him from finding ways on how to get popular. The insider claimed that Rodgers is willing to do anything, even deceive others, just to get famous.

Rodgers reportedly had no desire to win The Bachelorette‘s heart, he just wanted the exposure and to hopefully become the next Bachelor. The source said that Rodgers had “plotted” everything since the beginning. It also did not hurt that he knew someone who worked on the show. The producers, however, were unaware of his intention and thought that he really needed help finding The One.

“When they were casting him, they thought he was there for the right reasons,” the source said.

Interestingly, when it was announced that JoJo Fletcher is going to be the next Bachelorette, Rodgers reportedly had a change of heart. He was only uninterested when it was Caila Quinn, but Fletcher definitely caught his attention.

“Jordan wasn’t stoked when it was Caila. He had no desire to date her.”

Multiple insiders, including Reality Steve, predicted that Fletcher will end up choosing Rodgers — a decision that drew mixed reactions from Bachelorette fans. Several speculated that Rodgers was just using Fletcher to get famous. It also did not help that his ex-girlfriend, Brittany Farrar, accused him of cheating.

In a recent episode, JoJo confronted Jordan about these rumors. Although he vehemently denied allegations made by Brittany, he confessed to flirting with several women while he was still in a relationship. His explanation seemed to put JoJo at ease. A close friend of Rodgers held that after getting to know her better, the former athlete developed strong feelings for The Bachelorette lead.

“In the beginning, yes, Jordan went on the show for his career but then it 100 percent switched. He was really into JoJo. He definitely fell in love with her.”

While several reports held that JoJo ended up giving the final rose to Jordan, a show insider told the publication that the 25-year-old Dallas real estate developer had her doubts about him. While the contestants were supposed to be the ones who fighting over her, JoJo felt like she is the one pining for Jordan’s attention. She also reportedly felt insecure and uncertain about her feelings towards him.

“JoJo feels like Jordan is out of her league, for some reason. Even though he says he’s falling for her, JoJo is concerned that he’s not as into her as she is into him,” the insider said.

On her blog, JoJo Fletcher admitted that her feelings for Jordan Rodgers were “really staring to grow.” She, however, revealed that she still had her reservations about him even after he assured her that he is in it for the long haul.

“I felt a little bad spending so much of my time with Jordan talking about these things, but I also knew what I needed to do in order to understand the entirety of the situation and make the right decisions moving forward,” she wrote.

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