‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Mimi Faust Denies Rumors That Entire Cast Is Being Replaced

Over the past several days, rumors circulated that the entire Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast was getting fired. Several outlets reported that Mona Scott-Young and the VH1 producers were actively looking for replacements to cast for Season 7 of the popular reality series while the lackluster Season 6 cast gets ready to film their reunion show.

Mimi Faust was the first of the LHHATL cast to speak out about the rumors. She says the entire story about the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta crew getting fired is false in a recent interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. According to Mimi, the entire story about the Atlanta cast being replaced is just “a big lie.”

“This stuff just makes me giggle,” Mimi said about the latest rumors. “People have been calling me all day about it.”

The latest season has been interesting, to say the least. Many fans have voiced their irritation over some of the storylines of Season 6. There have been complaints that certain cast members are trying too hard to fabricate drama in order to stay relevant.

One example would be the recent Promise B. Mae storyline that the Inquisitr reported on. That all came about when Joseline Hernandez told Mimi Faust that Stevie J had possibly fathered another child. The supposed mother was Promise B. Mae, who started rumors a few years back that she had an affair with Stevie. Once confronted by Mimi, Stevie, and a DNA test kit, Promise admitted that not only was Stevie not the father, but there wasn’t even a child in question.

Another example of a Love & Hip Hop Atlanta storyline that didn’t quite make the cut also originated with Joseline. She told LHHATL newcomer Tommie that her boyfriend Scrapp DeLeon was living with another woman. A picture of a stylist by the name of Erica circulated the internet with stories that she was Scrapp’s real girlfriend and that they even had a baby together.

Whether the story is true or not has never really been explained, and Erica has never stepped up to make a statement. During an episode of LHHATL, Tommie was seen showing up to an apartment where Scrapp supposedly lived and searched everywhere for evidence of another woman but never did find it. The whole drama between Tommie and Scrapp started more rumors that much of their romance wasn’t real and led fans to believe that much of their storyline was fabricated for ratings.

While it seemed like Mona Scott-Young might actually want to shake things up with Season 6 having so much controversy, it turns out that isn’t the case at all according to Mimi Faust. Most of the LHHATL cast has been around for all five seasons and with good reason. Out of the three cities currently filming for the Love & Hip Hop franchise, Atlanta is by far the most popular.

In addition to denying that there is any truth to the rumors of a mass firing, Mimi Faust teased a new romance coming up in the next several episodes that are left in Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Mimi introduced her new girlfriend Chris Gould at the beginning of the season but they split just a few episodes later. Now Mimi says she has someone else and won’t tell who it is. Considering that Stevie J moved back into her house after leaving Joseline Hernandez, some fans are speculating that maybe she and Stevie J reconciled. If that is true, it would stir up even more drama on the LHHATL front and probably be the reason that Mimi and Stevie came back for another season.

[Photo by Charlie Gallay/Getty Images]