WWE News: WWE Planning Roman Reigns Redemption Storyline Upon His Return

We all know by now that WWE Superstar Roman Reigns was suspended for 30 days following his suspension for failing a drug test. Under the terms of the WWE Wellness Policy, the company had no choice but to suspend Reigns. There was a recent rumor that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon wanted to cover up the failed test, but when it got out, he had no choice but to announce it. WWE then allowed Reigns to work Money in the Bank so that he could lose the WWE World Championship.

They then allowed him to work WWE RAW and find his way into the main event of WWE Battleground in a triple threat with former Shield brothers Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Of course, this happened weirdly, as Rollins beat Reigns clean at MITB for the WWE World Title. Rollins was then cashed in on by Dean Ambrose, who won the MITB match earlier that night. All of this set up beautifully for the anticipated Shield triple threat. Reigns was then officially suspended after that show.

Despite this, many fans feel that Reigns should not be gifted a World Title match in the main event of an upcoming PPV when he returns from suspension. Fans feel that Reigns is not getting punished much if at all, as he is serving more of a 30-day vacation than anything else. He already has plenty of money, so one month missed out of 11 is certainly not going to hurt him as it might with a mid-carder. Some would say that Reigns will clearly get punished on his return as WWE will take the focus off of him and make him work his way back up the roster.

Shield RAW [Image via WWE]However, that is not really the case. According to PWTorch, Vince McMahon is planning a “redemption story” for Roman Reigns upon his return to the WWE. They want to tell the story of how the failed drug test put Reigns down. He would then have to find a way to work his way back to what he was before and be even better than he was. Vince feels if he creates a story in the way he would want it told, he may finally get fans to buy into Roman Reigns and cheer for him.

This story is backed up after WWE told the world on live television about Reigns’ suspension. Stephanie McMahon even called his failure an embarrassment to the WWE. She’s not far off either as Reigns’ suspension surely didn’t make the WWE look good. Roman Reigns was all over the news, and with WWE trying to make him their top guy, it certainly didn’t help matters to know that he dropped the ball on them.

Sadly for Vince, if the fans did not want to cheer for Reigns as much before, then they certainly won’t with the Jeff Hardy story either. Yes, this storyline Vince wants to do is pretty much recycled, as Hardy had several issues with drugs over the years. Hardy even failed WWE’s drug tests a couple times in his career with them. The story was the same when he came back: he would try to work his way back up to where he was and try to be better.

Reigns RAW [Image via WWE]The fan always loved Hardy before, and this story for him was easy to tell because of that. While Reigns just failed one test and is by no means as far gone as Hardy was for a while, the storyline WWE wants to do is the same one they did with Hardy many times before. The fans want to boo Roman Reigns whether he deserves it or not, so forcing the fans to cheer is certainly not going to work out.

The fans want to see him turn heel, and with the failed drug test, the best thing Roman Reigns can do is to go heel and work his way back up after a while. WWE needs it too, as the brand split will mean top heels are needed. Because fans want to cheer Seth Rollins over booing him as well, some sort of double turn may not just be wanted — but it could be needed for the WWE now more than ever before.

[Image via WWE]