Did Beyoncé Hate Her Wedding Dress? Mom Tina Knowles Dishes All

Did Beyoncé hate her wedding dress? Everyone knows that Beyoncé is a perfectionist when it comes to her craft. On the other side of that is her personal life, which she keeps incredibly private, for the most part.

So, taking into consideration both of these traits, and it’s hard to believe that Beyoncé would let herself be bothered by her wedding dress during her big day, but according to mother Tina Knowles, she was!

Knowles said when her daughter, Beyoncé, said “I do” to Jay Z in 2008, she wasn’t crazy about with her wedding dress, which was designed by her mother Tina. We didn’t find out about what the dress looked like until the 2011 video “I Was Here” revealed glimpses of Beyonce and Jay on their big day. The second look she gave fans was in the video “Young Forever/Halo” for her HBO special, On The Run.

While fans fawned over the glimpses of the elaborate dress, Tina Knowles (Lawson) let everyone on the Today Show know that Beyoncé didn’t exactly voice her wants after she designed her daughter’s wedding dress. Of letting her design the dress, Tina said the following.

“She was so sweet to let me do that. She came back later one day and she said, ‘You know, when my daughter gets married, I’m going to let her pick out her own dress.’ Maybe she wasn’t so excited about it at the time, but she’s a sweetheart.”

Here’s a glimpse of the dress if you haven’t seen it.

This isn’t the only time Tina Knowles has spoken up about her daughter, Beyoncé. Usually she’s the go to person when fans want a little extra information on the singer. That said, she never gossips about her daughter for the press, but still manages to keep it real.

Recently, Tina Knowles blasted fans who questioned the reason behind Beyoncé’s departure from the BET Awards after she performed a rousing version of her song, “Freedom,” with Kendrick Lamar at the awards show. Fans accused the singer of ditching the ceremony to hop a flight to London for her Formation World Tour. Fans noticed Beyoncé’s departure when Tina accepted Beyoncé’s awards instead of the singer herself.

While hopping a flight to catch her next tour date is justified, fans pointed to the fact that her next stop wasn’t until Tuesday, which gave the singer ample time to stay for the awards ceremony and collect her awards herself. Tina Knowles didn’t like the insinuation that her daughter was ungrateful to the BET awards, so she took to Instagram to clear the gossip up.

“I just got a wind of the mess that has festered since last night,” she began. “First of all, I did make a mistake on the city and the day. I [did ask] why she [had] to leave early, and was told by a member of her staff that she ‘had to get back in time for her concert,’ and that she actually should have been there [two] days before, as the tour has been down for a month. I assumed the date was Monday and the city was London, [but] it turned out to be in the UK on Tuesday.”

She continued to air her frustration.

“I am hurt and disappointed because I know what kind of work, sacrifice, and personal money it took for her to [perform at the BET Awards], and give her fans [who will not] get [a chance] to attend the concert a piece of her show,” she continued. “That was really important to to her.”

[Photo by HBO]