Calvin Harris Throws Shade At Taylor Swift With Bevy Of Beautiful Women: Seeking ‘Normal Girl’

Calvin Harris may not have forgotten Taylor Swift yet, but the “Bad Blood” singer’s former boyfriend is demonstrating his ability to rebound. Harris didn’t have far to look for help, apparently, because he already has been seen surrounded by some very attractive ladies, reported Us Weekly.

Calvin devoted 15 months of his life to romancing the pop singer, and although the split wasn’t without heartbreak, he provided proof on social media that he’s discovered a new interest in life – or several of them, given the group of girls who flocked around the 32-year-old Scottish DJ, whose real name is Adam Wiles.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images For 102.7 KIIS FM’s Wango Tango]The photos were taken on a luxurious yacht, and Harris didn’t hesitate to display his flirtatious fun with his bevy of hot gals.

While Calvin surrounded himself with curvy brunettes, Swift has stunned fans with her speed in heating up a new hookup with Tom Hiddleston. Already earning their own couple name, Hiddleswift, the duo has been spotted locking lips around the world, including Rhode Island, Nashville, England, and Italy.

In turning to social media to show he’s moving on, Harris managed to throw shade at his former girlfriend, famed for writing songs about her past romances, as pointed out by Elle.


Calvin cleverly used his caption to issue a reminder to Swift that she wasn’t the only musical talent in their romance.

“I write songs,” noted Harris for one caption.

And while it was speculated that Calvin was dissing his ex, he also hinted that he might be writing a new song himself about the breakup.

In addition to all those stunning women who surrounded Calvin, he had some male friends accompanying him on his get-away voyage, according to E News.

Harris also took the time to encourage others who might find themselves seeking to sail on after a painful breakup.

“This morning when you wake up I want you to think about how you can go all the way.”

For those fans hoping Calvin would name the women who cuddled close to him, Harris avoided singling out any of the lucky ladies. But the scene on the yacht was a dramatic contrast to Calvin’s recent tropical escape a mere three months ago with his former girlfriend. That romance rapidly ended when news spread of their breakup late last month.

Calvin and Taylor hug before they split. Calvin and Taylor hug before they split. [Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for iHeartRadio/Turner]For help in healing from his split, Harris has turned to his pals. On the yacht with Calvin were Emil Navas and John Newman, according to Metro.

Emil has directed some of Harris’ music videos, and Calvin currently is immersed with John in creating a new song. The three bros showed that they were in sync by sporting tropical print shirts.

As for the possibility that Calvin is sending a secret message to Swift by posting all those snaps of his yacht experience? The women flocking around Harris were brunette beauties, a noticeable contrast to his ex-girlfriend’s blonde locks.

And while Taylor is famed for taking inspiration for her music from her relationship woes, Calvin seemed to hint that he plans to do so as well with his caption about writing songs. Harris reportedly is planning a song about his relationship with the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer.

In addition to his fun on the luxurious yacht with a bevy of beauties and guy pals, Harris was seen in Las Vegas this month. Partying with Calvin was his friend Mark Wright. And those aren’t the only ways that Calvin is seeking to move on.

Harris has spent some time involved in sexting Megan Rees and various models. However, Calvin is clear on what he wants when it comes to his next romance, and he’s busy seeking a “normal girl,” according to TMZ‘s sources.

The insiders revealed that he has no desire to date any more famous women as a result of his heartbreak from Taylor. Instead, Harris feels that stars are narcissists, and therefore, he wants a “normal girl” who looks like Sofia Vergara. (He also has denied the reports of a hookup with Megan Rees.)

The contention that his former girlfriend is a narcissist results from the fact that she split with him soon after he was in a car accident and already feeling down. In addition, Calvin claims that the “Bad Blood” singer was obsessive about her career and life, becoming annoyed when his plans were in conflict with hers.

[Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]