Bar Hopping California Woman Hits Man, Drives A Mile With His Dead Body Lodged In Window And Severed Leg On Trunk

Stacy Sanchez, 29, was allegedly bar hopping around Oceanside, California, on Sunday night into Monday morning when she hit and killed a pedestrian on the road. However, instead of stopping and calling for emergency assistance, Sanchez reportedly drove a mile to her home with the man’s dead body lodged in her front windshield and his severed leg on her trunk.

The Daily Mail reports that 29-year-old Stacy Sanchez has been arrested on multiple drunk driving charges after she hit and killed a pedestrian after a night of drinking. The woman had been “bar hopping” on Sunday night when she drove home early Monday morning. On her way home, Sanchez hit a homeless man who was crossing the road. The car hit the man with such speed that his body went through the front windshield and hit the passenger’s seat. The force also severed the man’s leg which landed on the trunk of the woman’s car.

Upon arriving at her home, Sanchez reportedly did not offer assistance to the man and instead started screaming and ran inside her home. A neighbor saw the body and asked Sanchez what happened. Edgar Esparza told Fox 5 San Diego that Sanchez told him everything was okay when he questioned her about the gruesome scene. The teen told police that it appeared Stacy had been on a “night out” due to the clothing she was wearing when he arrived.

The actual accident took place at 6:30 a.m. with police responding to the scene and pronouncing the man dead upon arrival. Neighbors note that the police inspected the scene and left the vehicle with a large tarp over the back where the severed leg was once located. They also searched the area and found the victim’s wallet, keys, and pants at various locations between the scene of the accident and Sanchez’s home. Markers were placed on numerous areas where the items were found.

Police believe that the homeless man was crossing the street to go to a soup kitchen nearby when he was hit by the drunk driver. The man has not been identified by police, but those in the area say they frequently saw the man in the area and that he was homeless. The police are still working to identify the man and to inform next-of-kin.

Meanwhile, Sanchez is being held on $130,000 bail and is facing a host of drunk driving charges. The woman will likely also face charges for vehicular manslaughter and for not stopping at the scene of a vehicular fatality. Sanchez reportedly admitted to cops that she had been to multiple bars before the accident and that she was on her way home for the night when the accident took place. The woman did not indicate reasoning for not stopping after hitting the man or for driving an additional mile with the deceased man lodged in her window.

Stacy Sanchez is expected to be arraigned in court for the charges on Wednesday. Authorities have not released any additional information regarding charges that may be pending, but more charges are expected to be filed due to the death.

What additional charges do you think that Stacy Sanchez should face for hitting the man and continuing to drive without offering assistance? Should she be charged with manslaughter in the case?

[Image via Facebook/Stacy Sanchez]

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