Jacob Hendershot, Stephanie Pistey: Case Of Werewolf, Vampire Cult Teens Who Killed For Blood In Parker, Florida, On 'Murder Among Friends' Tonight On ID

Traciy Reyes

Jacob Hendershot was a 16-year-old teen who was chased down and murdered by friends of Stephanie Pistey who were all part of a vampire cult in Parker, Florida. The murder occurred in 2011, and this week Investigation Discovery's hit crime television show Murder Among Friends will profile Hendershot's ghastly death. The episode, titled "Unholy Friends," will provide the account of how a Christian teen on a hot summer visit to see his biological mother leads him directly into the path of a group of sadistic teens with a taste for blood.


Teen's Nude Body Found In Drainage Ditch

The body of Jacob "Jake" Hendershot was found in a cement storm drain at the field across the street from his mother's home, just one month after he was reported missing. An autopsy report determined that Hendershot's throat was cut, and he had been choked.


Jacob Hendershot's biological mother reported him missing after the teen failed to return home before midnight as he had planned. He was last seen by his mother's boyfriend, who told police that Jacob returned home briefly to grab a bottle of wine to take back to the party.

Jacob had just arrived to his mother's home in Parker, Florida. He had been looking forward to reconnecting with her since she was his biological mom. At birth, Jacob Hendershot, who everyone calls Jake, was given up for adoption to be raised by his grandparents in Indiana.


By all accounts, they raised a fine Christian boy who was good-hearted and loving. However, Jacob wanted to find his real mother and was excited to live with her over the summer months. It didn't take long before he quickly made new friends in the small waterfront town. Stephanie expressed the following in the quote below, according to Daily Mail.

"I know this is going to be crazy. But I believe I'm a vampire - part vampire and part werewolf, so it's not really a cult, it's more just like my personality."

When Jacob Hendershot disappeared, police thought he could be a runaway, since he was from another state. They searched for him but were unsuccessful. Jacob Hendershot's mother told them that he was hanging out with Williams Chase and Joel Mishap. When questioned by police, William Chase told detectives that he last saw Jacob when he left his home in the middle of the night.

What truly happened to Jacob became clear after police received a tip from a local mom who told detectives that they needed to check Facebook because a group of teens were talking about the case.

Sure enough, when detectives logged on to social media, they could see several people bragging about what they "could have" possibly done to Jacob. Turns out Stephanie Pistey and her friends were all part of a vampire cult.

The rape turned out to be a lie to cover over the fact that Stephanie Pistey had dated Jacob behind William Chase's back. Chase was also led to believe that Pistey wanted Jacob Hendershot dead because she wanted to drink his blood, something that she failed to do once she actually saw Hendershot's dead body. (Some accounts allege that she did actually drink some blood after the murder).

[embed]https://twitter.com/TriviaHive/status/659891277098565632[/embed] Authorities say that Pistey was upset that Jacob Hendershot looked down on her when she told him that she liked to drink blood and that she was a vampire. Before his death, Hendershot told his mother that he believed Stephanie was crazy and wanted nothing more to do with her. Most certainly, his Christian upbringing wouldn't have allowed him to think that any form of Satanic behavior was OK.




As for William Chase and the others, they all did it for their ringleader, Stephanie Pistey. At trial, prosecutors say that Jacob Hendershot left his mother's birthday party to hang out with William Chase and Joel Millsap after they came to his home.

Jacob partied with Millsap and Chase at their house and came back to his own home to grab some booze. When he went back to the party, he was ambushed. Jacob Hendershot tried to run outside, but the guys chased him down and cut his throat, then they met Stephanie back at the house to try to cover up what they had done by putting his body inside a concrete drainage ditch.

A Florida jury found William Chase and Joel Mishap guilty and gave them 25 years in prison. James Gay was sentenced to 15 years, and Stephanie Pistey was sentenced to 12 years. Tammy Morris was released on parole.

Watch this week's Murder Among Friends tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery (ID). A few weeks back, Murder Among Friends aired the sex slave master case involving Brittany Killgore.