Body Of Linnea Lomax Discovered Two Months After Disappearance

A body discovered on Friday has been confirmed as that of Linnea Lomax, a young woman who vanished just over two months ago from the Sacramento area.

The 19-year-old college student suffered a mental breakdown during finals week in June, and was considered to be a “voluntarily missing adult” for most of her disappearance, reports The Examiner.

While authorities have not completely ruled out foul play, they say that there is no sign of foul play where her body was discovered. Coroner Greg Wyatt has said that the investigation into Lomax’s death is underway, and the evidence so far shows no foul play.

According to The New York Daily News, Linnea’s body was discovered in a decomposed state near the American River in Sacramento, California. A volunteer group looking for Lomax released the following statement after the announcement, saying:

“Wonderful volunteers. We are grieved to report that we have just received confirmation that our search for Linnea has ended in sorrow. She has gone to be with her Lord. Yet in our sorrow we do not despair, knowing we will see her again one day.”

When Linnea Lomax’s parents visited her dorm room in June, they saw their daughter pulling her hair out, an open bottle of ibuprofen in clear sight, and a suicide website on her computer. She looked dehydrated and had lost 20 pounds.

Her parents persuaded her to check herself into a mental health facility, but she disappeared the day she was released. Lomax’s father stated:

“I never knew my daughter could go from being a happy college student – a stressed but happy college student – in May to being in the streets in June.”

Linnea Lomax’s family is planning a Celebration of Life service for their daughter, in order to commemorate the person they loved, instead of focusing on her untimely, early death.

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