Survivor’s Jeff Probst Launching Talk Show On Monday

Jeff Probst, the long-time host of Survivor, is launching his new daytime talk show on Monday in the midst of stiff competition from Ricki Lake and Katie Couric, whose new shows start the same day.

Probst will also compete with returners like Anderson Cooper, Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray, Ellen DeGeneres, and other daytime yakkers who are seasoned pros, reports The Star.

When speaking to critics about his choice to start up a daytime talk show, the former Survivor host stated:

“What is comes down to is this. Somebody’s at home and they have their TV on and they stop at our show or they don’t, right? That’s the amount of pressure you should feel, which is do your best.”

While Probst may seem like a strange choice for the daytime talk show arena, consider the job that he has done for the past 12 seasons as he hosted the Survival finale after-shows. The 50-year-old has also guested hosted both Live! With Regis and Kelly and Larry King Live.

Jeff Probst has said that his new series will feature the usual daytime mix of relationship issues and newsmakers, and that he had his studio built to interact with the audience easier. He will also occasionally feature his wife, Lisa Ann Russell, the show’s talent co-ordinator who will be called on camera at times. Probst explained that:

“If the set is like our living room, the first person you should meet is my wife Lisa.”

ET notes that the host of The Jeff Probst Show laughed when he added that, “”I think the biggest surprise for people will be that I’m not just the guy from Survivor.

The former survivor host also credit his recent marriage to Russell as his inspiration for the new adventure. He added that the show will have an emphasis on human interest stories, including what guys think about certain topics. He hopes to connect men and women in the different ways of approaching things like life, love, and sex.

Are you excited to see The Jeff Probst Show?