Kim Kardashian Proud Of Kanye West For ‘Famous’ Music Video, Dissing Taylor Swift — ‘KUWTK’ Star Calls Husband ‘A Genius’

Kim Kardashian has told family and friends that her husband, Kanye West, is a genius for the concept of his “Famous” music video, which sees him diss Taylor Swift and feature endless celebrities completely nude in what appears to be the aftermath of an orgy.

The video premiered over the weekend, and the likes of Taylor and Chris Brown were said to have been stunned that the rapper would feature them in the visual, especially Taylor, who is allegedly planning to release quite the statement on how angry she is by Kanye’s decision to have her appear naked in his video.

It should be noted that Taylor didn’t actually star in the visual. It’s a wax figure that just so happens to resemble the 26-year-old, but that hasn’t stopped the singer from fuming over the fact that her fans could potentially believe she was naked and sleeping next to Kanye, who alludes that he may have had sex with the former country star.

And while certain celebs have spoken out about Kanye’s move to have them appear completely nude in the video, Kim Kardashian has stressed that the visual is fascinating. She doesn’t see anything wrong with it, sources have explained, adding that she’s standing by her husband, who has received endless criticism over the weekend.

Hollywood Life reveals, “Kim thinks that Kanye is a genius and totally supports everything he does,” adding that Kardashian finds the music video anything but raunchy or distasteful. It’s something completely different; no other artist could’ve pulled off such a daring move, which is not only controversial but supposedly very artistic too.

Kanye hired a wax figure creator for all the celebrities he wanted to appear in the music video. Fans have since gone on social media, saying that the celebs in the visual could easily pass as the real deal.

The 39-year-old father-of-two has already taken to his Twitter account to confirm that he isn’t afraid of being sued by the famous faces in the music video, mainly because they won’t have anything to argue if they were to try to seek compensation for some sort of damages he may have caused. Sources have revealed that Kanye knows he’s fully protected, especially since the celebrities in his music video are nothing more than wax figures — not the actual people themselves.

As for Kim Kardashian, who also makes an appearance in the lengthy visual, an insider added by saying, “Sometimes she doesn’t get what he’s going for but she will always give him her love and support. In this case, though she really did get it. Being famous is what her life is about so for Kanye to take a look at it from his perspective was amazing.”

Earlier this month, Kim was very vocal when she took part in an interview for GQ, claiming that Kanye did call Taylor Swift and ask for her permission for the following reference, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that b**** famous.”

Swift alleged that she never gave her the approval to be called derogatory names in the rapper’s song, which the socialite says is completely false. The singer allegedly had a conversation with Kanye prior to the release of “Famous,” where she confidently said she had no problem with the lyrics in the track.

Kanye West and Taylor have been feuding ever since, and from what sources have said, Swift is fuming that she’s now being portrayed as someone who may have slept with Kanye, which the rapper heavily alludes in the music video.

As of yet, Taylor has remained quiet, but she is expected to say something about it in due time.

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