Taylor Swift Struggling To Remain Silent After Kanye West ‘Famous’ Diss Video — How She’ll Retaliate Revealed

Taylor Swift just can’t seem to get over Kanye West’s latest music video for his single, “Famous,” which just so happens to feature a wax doll version of the singer completely nude.

With reports having already claimed that the “Blank Space” hitmaker is absolutely livid and sickened by the rapper’s move to include a naked wax figure of her in the visual for the new song, Hollywood Life is now claiming that Taylor is struggling to contain her emotions.

According to the outlet’s sources, Swift is furious and wants to address Kanye West on social media, but her team has reportedly asked her not to entertain the scandal — at least not for now. The 26-year-old will get her revenge eventually, but to do it now, when everyone is still talking about Kanye’s music video, will more or less only work in Kanye’s favor.

“Taylor is struggling to stay quiet after Kanye [West] attacked her again. Taylor is fuming inside,” a source reveals.

“She’s been having difficulty not taking to social media to voice her anger at Kanye and his ‘Famous’ video, which shows her topless. Taylor’s new boyfriend Tom [Hiddleston], her family, and her support team have been encouraging her to rise above the rapper’s immature behavior. But she is finding it increasingly difficult to not fire back at Kanye.”

Rumors were already circulating earlier this week, alleging that Taylor Swift may end up writing a couple of diss tracks on her own. She thinks that Kanye has really taken their feud to another level, and by featuring a wax figure look-alike in his music video, insinuating that the two had sex, he has really pushed her buttons.

It’s unclear how Taylor will publicly address the situation, but her team has asked her to remain silent for the time being. But just because she hasn’t said anything doesn’t mean that she hasn’t been plotting her own revenge against the father-of-two.

The insider continues, stressing, “She is working with her friends in the industry, the people she trusts most, to come up with an appropriate response.”

Sources recently alleged that Taylor Swift couldn’t wait to start work on her next album, having gone through endless heartbreaks and celebrity feuds since releasing her last record, 1989. Swift still hasn’t made up with Katy Perry, whom she infamously accused of stealing her background dancers, while her split with Calvin Harris led to the belief that she was allegedly cheating on the music producer with Tom Hiddleston.

But out of all the scandals that Taylor Swift has found herself in, the Kanye West feud seems to be the one that bothers her the most. Whether or not she’ll end up writing a diss track against the rapper is still unclear, but from what sources have gathered, Swift will definitely not remain silent after being featured as a nude wax figure in Kanye’s video.

According to sources, Taylor Swift is not looking to squash her feud with West — especially now that he has publicly humiliated her in the “Famous” visual, it has been claimed. Once she gears up new music material, Kanye West will get a taste of his own medicine, and it’ll be much harsher than what the rapper has managed to come up with to continue in ongoing feud with Taylor.

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