Donald Trump Polls: Hillary Clinton Expands Her Lead In The Latest Polls — Is Trump Finished?

Presumptive Republican nominee for United States president Donald Trump continues to lose ground to presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll that was released yesterday by The Washington Post. The poll, which was conducted from June 20-23 and included 836 registered voters, had a measure of accuracy of four percentage points.

“Following a month of self­inflicted controversies, the survey shows that support for Trump is plunging, including among fellow Republicans, propelling Democrat Hillary Clinton to a double-digit lead nationally. The poll reveals fresh doubts about Trump within his own party just three weeks before Republicans convene in Cleveland for their national convention.”

In a head-to-head general election matchup, Clinton leads Trump 51 percent to 39 percent. While Clinton has led Trump in the majority of recent Washington Post-ABC News polls dating back to September, Trump actually led Clinton 46 percent to 44 percent in May. Trump still has a loyal following, but he may be losing more support among Republicans after recent events, notably his comments after the massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

While Trump has attempted to appeal to Bernie Sanders supporters, it appears as though his efforts have been futile. In addition to Sanders supporters not being swayed by Trump, Bernie has personally come out and stated that he is going to vote for Clinton. Trump was never going to capture the majority of voters that supported Sanders, but it appears as though he is losing even more support among them, as noted in the poll.

“But the poll finds that just 8 percent of voters who backed Sanders in the primaries say they support Trump, down from 20 percent in May.”

Considering that Trump lost 12 percent of Sanders supporters in only a month, he may need to reconsider his approach. While many of Trump’s supporters appreciate his direct approach, he has been offending large groups of people in recent days. Many of the facts regarding the Orlando shooter and his motives are unknown, but many people feel as though Trump used the tragedy as a way to push his beliefs regarding immigration.

In addition to attacking President Barack Obama for refusing to refer to the attack as radical Islamic terrorism, Trump also accused Clinton of being afraid to use the term. While Obama is keeping his focus on guns, Clinton has since come out and stated that she is not afraid to say radical Islamic terrorism. Trump had been using the fact that the Democratic Party had been reluctant to single out Islam when it came to recent terror attacks as a weapon, so he may have to look elsewhere when attacking Clinton.

Trump’s stance on temporarily banning Muslims from the United State is also not going over well with the majority of voters. While Trump had never previously stated if the ban would also include countries that do not have a history of harboring terrorists, he has since come out and said that he would be fine with Muslims entering the United States from Scotland, according to The Washington Post.

In addition to the Washington Post-ABC News poll, another recent poll from Reuters is also showing Clinton pulling away from Trump. While it is still only the end of June, Trump is losing support rapidly. As the Reuters poll shows, which was conducted from June 20-24 and includes 1,201 likely voters, Clinton leads trump 46.6 percent to 33.3 percent. Clinton’s lead had fallen temporarily after the Orlando massacre, but the figures have since reverted to what they were before the tragedy.

As the Washington Post-ABC News poll noted, there are numerous reasons that Trump is losing support among voters. In addition to the lack of political experience, voters feel as though he is biased against too many groups, notably women, minorities, and Muslims.

“Roughly 2 in 3 Americans say that they think Trump is unqualified to lead the nation.”

While the recent polls from Washington Post-ABC News and Reuters are bad news for Trump, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll is actually more favorable for the presumptive Republican nominee, as reported by CNBC. As seen in the poll, Clinton leads Trump 46 percent to 41 percent.

Unless Donald Trump changes his strategy and appeals to a wider range of voters, Hillary Clinton is likely going to continue to expand her lead in upcoming polls.

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