Selena Gomez Receives Even More ‘Revival’ Critique: Time For Change?

Selena Gomez has received a lot of flak lately from her Revival performance in Detroit, Michigan. Sadly, however, St. Louis, Missouri, has more. Is Selena listening to her critics? Apparently not, as she and her staff are yet to make any serious changes to her Revival repertoire.

Perhaps, the best time is now. After all, Selena’s audience share for her premier concert series is quickly dwindling. Surely, if she cares about her finances, Selena Gomez should take at least one serious look at what’s ailing Revival before it’s too late.

Rest assured it won’t take her long to realize what areas are in need of improving. This is because Revival critics are very specific about their criticism — one thing that Selena Gomez has to thank them for. Even Attila The Hun never shut down his critics, ferocious as his reign was. In the book Leadership Secrets of Attila The Hun, Archive reminds leaders to “never kill the Hun who brings the bad news.”

So instead of throwing a serious shade at her critics, it’s better for Selena Gomez to listen to those who make sense, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch certainly does. For starters, the source has disclosed that during Selena’s performance, the entire upper level of the Scottrade Center in St. Louis was empty while the lower level was reasonably full. Previous to this, Revival’s Detroit venue was reportedly missing occupancy in seven upper sections. So it’s not easy to detect the trend or where all this is going in the end unless some drastic measures are taken.

Indeed, Selena Gomez remains the undisputed queen of Instagram, but certainly not when it comes to concert management. As Selena told her Selenators, the Revival concert series is a rather personal expression of some very poignant changes in the pop princess’ life. She claims that the bulk of the creative work, especially the songs in the Revival album, is her own labor of love.

The Selena Gomez Revival concerts kicked off on Friday, May 6, in Las Vegas before a crazed crowd that so obviously missed the star’s absence in the concert arena. Selena abruptly canceled her 2013 concert series, dubbed the Star Dance Tour, due to serious illness. Therefore, her current concert series is her Return Of the Jedi of some sort.

North American audiences would stampede at Selena’s recent concert rebirth, even appearing to trounce concert queen Beyoncé in Toronto at one point. Chris Rock would tease the petite singer by calling her a poor man’s Beyoncé and yet Selena Gomez remains unfazed. After all, she is the new face of Louis Vuitton, and Louis Vuitton couture let alone authentic bags are so outrageously expensive. Selena’s courage and willpower are absolutely commendable.

Unfortunately, she has reached the stage where the concert engine seems to be running out of steam, even though the series has a total of 75 concert stops. On July 23, Selena Gomez and her entourage will hit Jakarta, Indonesia, and will continue to other parts of Asia. Next stops: Australia and New Zealand. After hitting key cities in Europe, Selena’s Revival “rocket” will hit Mexico and end, hopefully, with a bang in Guadalajara on December 18.

Clearly, Selena Gomez still has a long way to go. She really doesn’t need to consult entrepreneur and rocket innovator Elon Musk about how to spark her inner “rocket.” All she needs to do is look inside herself, as Mariah Carey quips in her ballad “Hero.”

According to St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Selena Gomez needs to stretch her creative abilities beyond the electric fans that blow her hair to perfection at her concerts. She has to find a way to tie in her set list with personal remarks that really define her as both a serious performer and contender to the concert throne.

As it sits right now, the audience is finding her personal statements way too superficial to capture the major personal struggles that she has gone through as a performer and as a person — even though she has gone through a lot. Finally, Selena Gomez also needs to connect the major sequences of Revival so that they form part of a cohesive, creative whole. It’s a tough task, but definitely one that only she along with her staff can accomplish with enough teamwork.

Without undertaking any changes, Selena could be facing the worst concert attendance blunder in history. When Julie Andrews did her own Return of the Jedi with a The Sound of Music concert in the U.K., Andrews’ critics quipped, “The tills are alive with the sound of refunds.”

Surely, Chris Rock can think of a much more scathing criticism than that.

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