Marriage Proposal On Lake Huron Ends With Police Rescue

Nathan Bluestein had his proposal to his girlfriend May Gorial all figured out — romantic stroll in a canoe, a cleverly placed message-in-a-bottle and the memory of a lifetime. While the canoe and message were involved, a series of unplanned events created a memory that ended with the pair viewing fireworks from a sheriff rescue vessel.

Bluestein took Gorial in a canoe on Lake Huron Saturday. The Huffington Post reports that when Gorial was distracted, Bluestein dropped the bottle containing a French poem and a note in English into the water. He feigned surprise, and rowed over to investigate.

Gorial, a French teach, unsuspectingly read the romantic poem, and caught on to the plan when the second page contained a note.

“You’re the love of my life,” it read. “I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life without you. That being said…”

Bluestein pulled out the ring, Gorial said yes and happily ever after was supposed to start right then. ABC News reports, however, that after the proposal’s excitement the newly engaged couple realized that the winds had pushed them pretty far from shore. Worse, the wind and waves were picking up.

For a half hour the pair paddled unsuccessfully into the waves, trying to get back to shore. They were getting tired, and Gorial was getting seasick.They called her brother, who called the sheriff but a rescue would be a while as the sheriff was busy saving someone else.

The pair rowed to a secluded island to wait for rescue. While waiting, they watched the sun set and the moon rise. Once safely on board the rescue ship, the proposal story ended with a bang, as fireworks were seen in the night sky as they approached the marina.

The creative wedding proposal may not have gone exactly how Bluestein had it planned, but he got the answer he was hoping for and they both got the story of a lifetime.

And as for the folks involved in the rescue, they’re invited to the wedding, tentatively scheduled for April.

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