Eric Church Speaks Out Saying That Country Music Is ‘Watered Down’

Eric Church is well-known for not being quiet about his thoughts on other country music artists. He has upset a lot of people in the past speaking out and now Eric Church is talking once again and saying that he feels like country music is now “watered down.” Taste of Country shared what Eric told the Las Vegas Sun recently about his thoughts on country music and the way that it is done today.

It is very obvious that Eric Church doesn’t agree with the changes that have happened in country music over the last few years. Things are different, and this isn’t always a bad thing. Church shared his thoughts on country music today.

“Country has become a bigger umbrella. It’s good and bad. Country has become too homogenized and too commercial. It has lost what makes it special. It’s great that it’s popular, but then it starts to become watered down. Country music is the song that speaks to the American condition. It’s middle America. Eight out of 10 people. Maybe it’s not the No. 1 choice, but they listen to country. Consistency, as well. In the 1980s, it was all about rock and roll, and it died. Guns N’ Roses is still on top because their throne hasn’t been challenged.”

There is one person that Eric Church doesn’t have anything bad to say about, though. Eric is a huge fan of George Strait, and thinks that he still does country the way that it should be done. This time he was smart enough not to call out any artists that he sees in a negative light. Church went on to talk about Strait, saying, “He is incredible — especially his longevity. He has stayed true to who he is as an artist. It is an incredibly difficult thing to do, and he has been able to do that. And he’s had more than 60 No. 1 songs — some labels don’t have that!”

The Las Vegas Sun shared what else Eric Church had to say about life now and country music. Right now, Church is performing at least once a year in Vegas and is getting used to being in the town. He actually has two upcoming dates at the Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas on April 30 and May 1 that are exclusive. Church will have a lot of fun with it, and they will play new songs trying to figure out what is best to add to their next tour. Church likes to try new things at his show.

Church’s new song, Mr. Misunderstood, talks a lot about how he thinks it is okay for him to be different. Church explained how the song is for him, saying, “For me it’s autobiographical. It’s about the music industry, how it sometimes miss artists who are different. It’s a celebration of it’s OK to be different, it’s OK to be not like everyone else. It’s important to be who you are.”

Eric Church just released a new album that came out in about a month. He wasn’t expecting to do it, but Church had 10 new songs ready to go and it just worked out. This album came out first to all of his fan club members, and they were surprised to get it. Church did also share that his life has changed a lot now being a father. It is all about the baby and he is okay with life being that way for him.

Are you shocked to hear what Eric Church had to say about other country music stars? Are you surprised that he doesn’t agree with the way things have changed over the years? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]