Michigan Dealership Owner Retires, Rewards Employees With Massive Checks

Howard Cooper is retiring from his auto dealership business after 47 years, leaving behind a staff of 89 — all of whom he has given $1,000 for each year they worked for the dealership.

Cooper, a long-time Ann Arbor auto dealer, gave his employees each a check when they reported to work this year, an unexpected “expression” of their boss’s appreciation for them, reports Michigan Radio.

George Davis, the General Manager at Howard Cooper, stated that Cooper is so good to his employees that they weren’t surprised by the gesture. What they were surprised by is how much money their boss gave out. Davis stated:

“There’s just not a lot of people like Howard, so not all are going to think this way. I think in one of the papers I read about how the CEOs walk away with a big bonus and a golden parachute and the troops get nothing. Howard never acted that way when he owned the business, and surely didn’t act that way when he sold the business.”

Davis added that, for some, the generous check from their retiring boss is more than they’ve ever had in the bank. The Huffington Post notes that Cooper stated of the checks:

“I wanted to thank my employees and that was a way I could do it. I hope it makes a difference in their lives like they have made in mine.”

Cooper sold his business to an Ohio company, with the stipulation that they would keep all 89 employees. Do you wish you worked for someone like Howard Cooper?

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