Johnny Depp’s Ex-Girlfriend: Did The Star Abuse Winona Ryder?

Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriend Winona Ryder came to his defense despite abuse allegations surrounding his recent break-up with his wife, Amber Heard.

Winona Ryder recently told Time that Depp was “never abusive at all towards” her while the two dated. Ryder told the publication that she viewed these mental and physical abuse claims as “unimaginable.”

“I can only speak from my own experience, which was wildly different than what is being said.”

Ryder also told the publication that Depp was “never, never that way towards” her. She continued by saying that the star was “really good, loving, caring guy who is very, very protective of the people that he loves.”

Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriend Winona Ryder said that though she has a hard time believing Amber Heard’s claims, she doesn’t want to make assumptions that his wife was lying.

“I wasn’t there. I don’t know what happened. I’m not calling anyone a liar. I’m just saying, it’s difficult and upsetting for me to wrap my head around it.”

Winona Ryder went on to say that her previous romance with Depp “was a big relationship” for her despite it happening long ago. The actress articulated her shock in a way that readers could understand the confusion she felt in regards to these allegations.

“Imagine if someone you dated when you were—I was 17 when I met him—was accused of that. It’s just shocking. I have never seen him be violent toward a person before.”

Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriend may have not endured any issues with dating the Hollywood star, but she has fought her own private battles. The 90s star grappled with emotional distress.

“There were times where people might have seen me and said, ‘Wow, she’s so lucky.” But I was depressed, I was going through something.”

Johnny Depp’s former girlfriend said this period of struggle led her to make Girl, Interrupted. The classic 1999 film tells the story of a woman and her journey in dealing with mental illness. Winona Ryder worked on this near-and-dear project of hers for seven years before it went to the silver screen. While her co-star Angelina Jolie won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, Ryder’s career was beginning to plateau.

Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriend said this experience took a toll on her mental state.

“I will admit I was guilty of that when I was younger because you get caught up in it, surrounded by people that are telling you that it’s the most important thing, and you’re young and you believe it.”

Winona Ryder explained that she could not look to the film industry to validate her as a person simply because it leads to “incredible disappointment.” Unfortunately, Ryder learned this the hard way.

Johnny Depp’s previous girlfriend had a major run-in with authorities in 2001, when the star was arrested for shoplifting $6,000 worth of merchandise from Saks Fifth Avenue. Law enforcement officials also found a syringe and painkillers amongst her personal possessions. Ultimately, the star decided to take off time from her acting career to address her mental health.

“I took some years off, and I didn’t realize that was very dangerous in terms of my career. I was constantly being told, ‘You have to keep working so you stay relevant.'”

In 2010, the star made a comeback in Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, where she played an older ballerina trying to make a comeback into the dance world. This part paralleled her life at the time undoubtedly.

Still, Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriend has learned a lot from her cumulative amount of life experiences.

“A lot of actors have ups and downs. I think mine were—people might see them as awful—but I learned, and I appreciated the time away.”

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