Lamar Odom ‘Partying Endlessly’ Months After Near-Death Overdose: Can Khloe Kardashian Save Him?

Lamar Odom is continuing to show signs that living a sober life just isn’t for him, according to a new report. The former NBA player, who suffered a devastating overdose last year, allegedly hasn’t learned much from his near-death experience as sources reveal the 36-year-old has returned to his partying ways.

While Khloe Kardashian has tried her best to keep her estranged husband away from drugs and alcohol, it seemed clear that Lamar didn’t want the help that the socialite was offering. Instead, sources allege that Lamar has been having endless parties with random women — some of whom the sources claim he slept with.

Friends believe that he is more or less doing the exact same thing that infamously led to his downfall in October when Lamar was rushed to a nearby hospital following his overdose at a brothel near Carson City, Nevada.

The former Lakers player almost died from the incident, and while Lamar swore that he would make a drastic change in his life to better himself, his recent actions have proven otherwise. Odom was spotted drinking at a bar in Los Angeles downing several shots of alcohol, and it was alleged that some of Lamar’s friends discovered a bong inside his home out in Calabasas.

It is clear that Lamar Odom is in trouble yet again, but there’s really nothing anybody can do since the father-of-two has strongly denied having touched any sort of drugs since the brothel incident. Friends and family members think that’s a total lie, and with the recent photos of Odom drinking at a bar, everyone is concerned — they fear he’s bound to suffer from another overdose.

“Lamar has women throwing themselves at him,” a source tells Radar Online. “They come up to him everywhere he goes. And they’re hot. So he takes them up on their offers. He is a grown man having sex, but everyone is a little worried. They are afraid of him getting in trouble with someone.”

“Lamar is drinking again and everyone is worried that he could start doing drugs again. He goes out and people see him drinking, so they are afraid of what will happen to him after last year.”

Earlier this month, Lamar Odom was spotted purchasing herbal Viagra, which was one of the most significant signs that proved the shamed basketball player was struggling to remain sober. At this point, his closest pals can only try and talk him out of the drugs, alcohol, and clubbing, but from what sources have revealed, Odom is refusing to listen.

For those reasons alone, Khloe Kardashian has confirmed that she has refiled for divorce from her estranged husband, having somewhat given up on the man she once considered the love of her life. Lamar hasn’t made it easy on Khloe, who not only supported him following his time at a hospital in Las Vegas but also hoped that Lamar’s overdose recovery could potentially make him realize how close he was to losing his life.

Khloe was very vocal about the situation — as soon as she heard that Lamar Odom was drinking again, she demanded the aging athlete to seek help at a rehab facility in Los Angeles, but he refused. She made several more attempts before she eventually decided to move on with her life.

At the end of the day, Khloe realized that if Lamar doesn’t want to better himself for the sake of his family and his children, she can’t do it for him. Do you think Lamar Odom will face yet another overdose with the way things have been playing out lately?

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Yeezy Season 3]