Is There More Drug Test Info On ‘Southern Charm’ Custody Battle And Thomas Ravenel?

As many fans of Southern Charm had raised questions about Thomas Ravenel and drug use, especially after the bizarre episode of Southern Charm when he seemingly lost his mind and attacked his dinner guests, there might be more to the custody battle drug tests than meets the eye. The information that was “anonymously” leaked to the press that claimed that Kathryn failed and Thomas Ravenel passed is not quite the truth that is being made public due to unsealed legal records. Not all of the Southern Charm drug tests were truly created equal, and having a better, pricier legal team can make all the difference in the world of Charleston, Southern Charm, and custody battles.

According to the Inquisitr, Thomas Ravenel participated in a personal interview last week before the Southern Charm reunion show aired that raised serious questions about his sobriety. Throughout the thirty minute interview, Thomas Ravenel did almost all of the talking and spoke in circles, making odd segues from topics like an intimate relationship with Landon to estrogen being the most dangerous chemical in the world. Thomas Ravenel’s odd jokes hung in the air like cringe-worthy statements made by an old relative on Thanksgiving. Ravenel did little in the interview with Charleston’s Quintin Washington to dispel rumors that he is still using drugs.

Tamaratattles broke the story that there is far more to the Southern Charm custody battle than was released to the press, and it’s not as absolute as she failed and he passed when it comes to Thomas Ravenel asserting his moral superiority. First, the judge in the case of Ravenel vs. Dennis is refusing to seal the case, so both parents need to bend over backward to shield their children from this latest trip to crazy town. A statement has been released about what went down when Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn were drug tested, and what that really means.

“To her credit, Dennis provided the court with body hair samples from her arms, legs, neck and back. Ravenel allegedly refused to submit body hair for testing – allowing only a sample of hair to be taken from the top of his head.”

And then an explanation was given about what can be done to skew the results of a hair-based drug test.

“Body hair tests can reveal evidence of drug use dating back anywhere from six months to a year – while head hair tests typically provide only a three-month window. Head hair tests can also be beaten fairly easily by using drug detoxification shampoos.”

The bigger question raised here was about the legal team for Southern Charm star Kathryn and why a lawyer wouldn’t have advised her to only do as much hair testing as Ravenel. Thomas Ravenel has now claimed that Kathryn had to do body hair tests because her hair is colored, but that is not true, and regardless, rumors say that his hair is also colored.

FitsNews says that according to sources close to Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel, he had serious issues with the drug test, so he was advised not to do anything but have the hair on his head tested as it would only show very recent drug use. Most people, even regular drug users, would know to cut the drug use out before going to court, but obviously, Dennis’ counsel was lacking.

“He’s got his own issues with these drug tests.”

But though a variety of sources say that Ravenel declined to share anything but head hair samples, Ravenel claims that this isn’t true, but an unsealed case means that the proof will be obvious.

“I never refused any hair testing. The testing company took hair off (Kathryn)’s body because her head hair had been bleached and dyed so many times that it wouldn’t render a valid sample. My head hair has not been bleached or dyed. The samples were sent to a lab and tested for ten different substances. We both were subject to the same tests. We also were subjected to blood and urine tests.”

The court record will definitively prove who had which test, and if drug use was recent, or in the past.

Part one of the Southern Charm season three reunion is on Bravo tonight and sparks will fly.

Will you be watching the Southern Charm reunion? Do you believe that Thomas Ravenel refused to have his body hair tested by the court?

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