WWE Rumors: Seth Rollins Vs. Triple H Being Planned For SummerSlam

Triple H hasn’t been seen on WWE programming since losing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 32. He hasn’t been seen as a part of the power storyline that Shane and Stephanie McMahon are in, which is surprising considering WWE’s brand split is less than a month away.

Many within the WWE Universe assumed that The Game’s return would happen as soon as the sibling rivalry between the two McMahons was ready for his inclusion and then that would lead to a match at an event like SummerSlam and a match between Shane and The Game for total control of WWE.

However, there are some new rumblings and rumors coming from ringtalkk that the long-awaited match between Seth Rollins and Triple H is set to take place a few months from now at SummerSlam instead. While the match looks very difficult to pull off right now, this is a matchup that could lead to a lot of great things for WWE.

Triple H Raises the Hand of Seth Rollins After He Won Money in the Bank
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First and foremost, a face turn was always rumored for Seth Rollins even before his severe knee injury that cost him roughly eight months of his career. The belief was that The Authority and Triple H would turn on Rollins and most likely cost him the WWE Championship for someone they thought was “better for business.”

However, we never got to see The Architect vs. The Game because of Rollins’ injury and Shane McMahon’s return to WWE programming essentially stopped The Authority angle dead in its tracks after ‘Mania. The belief now, according to the rumors, is a feud between Rollins and Triple H is very likely heading into this year’s SummerSlam.

At Battleground in a few weeks, Rollins will be a part of a triple threat match for the WWE Championship against Roman Reigns and the defending champion, Dean Ambrose. A lot can happen in that match, but the rumors would indicate that Ambrose will be walking out of WWE Battleground as the WWE Champion and could defend the title at SummerSlam against Reigns or another top contender.

Triple H Discusses the Success of Seth Rollins
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In that scenario, the belief is Rollins would be open to begin feuding with Triple H after his return. Much of this is speculation, but Reigns recent suspension has got a lot of wheels turning that could see Rollins embrace a full face turn that he had the opportunity to seize when he first came back to WWE.

Right now, Triple H left a heel after WrestleMania, and the WWE Universe is torn between love and hate for Seth Rollins. The WWE Universe wants to embrace Rollins as a face, but the decision has been made by the powers that be that Rollins was to be a heel when he returned.

Since his return, Rollins has continued to use Triple H’s finisher, The Pedigree, which is odd, considering their relationship isn’t even featured on WWE programming any longer. If he’s going to keep using the finisher that The Game made famous, it’s only a matter of time before it’s addressed on WWE television. That will likely be a major element of the feud between the two men.

The student and teacher dynamic those two shared for almost a year of television deserves a better ending than Rollins getting hurt and their great feud being simply forgotten. Seth Rollins vs. The Game is a big feud for WWE programming, for the company, and for Rollins to cement his place as “The Man” and WWE’s top star.

SummerSlam is a great venue for the match, but Triple H has to return to WWE programming before the ball really gets rolling on a feud between his former protege. There is a lot of money in a feud between Rollins and The Game; it’s just a matter of when they’re going to make it. This August, in Brooklyn, seems to be as good a time as any.

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