Cop Mocks Disabled Man: Posts Photo Of Disabled Man Who Defecated, Along With Rant

A Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority officer is in hot water after she reportedly posted an image of a disabled man along with a rant about her low paying job, according to the Daily Mail. The 31-year-old officer, Ashley Carlson, according to the report, posted an image of the disabled man laying next to his wheelchair with his pants around his knees while ranting about the fact that he had defecated in her patrol car and she was too low paid to deal with this “s*** literally and figuratively.” The Boston Globe, however, describes the man as “on the floor of what appears to be a T station.”

The Inquisitr has received correspondence claiming that Officer Carlson did not have any conduct with the individual, nor did she even respond to the call.

The Daily Mail reports that a 31-year-old veteran cop with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is being investigated after she shared a controversial post to her Facebook account. According to reports, Officer Ashley Carlson posted a rant to her Facebook account. The cop posted the rant alongside a photo of the partially nude man laying next to his wheelchair. To make matters worse, Carlson’s rant was laden with curse words and caused many to question her dedication to her chosen profession.

Carlson placed the image of the partially dressed disabled man alongside the rant which indicated the man had a long rap sheet with the department. She claims the man has had numerous run-ins with other cops and that she isn’t paid well enough to deal with this type of incident.

“You think your job is sh**!!!’ This is what we responded to this morning. This guy is well known to police and has a lengthy record. I don’t get paid enough to deal with this sh**… literally and figuratively!!!”

The Boston Globe notes that following the controversial post, many called for the officer to be disciplined noting that she publicly humiliated the man that she was charged with protecting and serving. Rahsaan Hall, an official at the ACLU of Massachusetts, says the actions were inappropriate coming from someone who is supposed to be a public servant.

“It is absolutely deplorable that a public servant would expose a private individual on a social media platform in a humiliating and degrading way in violation of the trust given to law enforcement officers. She clearly crossed the line.”

Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal, executive director of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice, agrees with the ACLU’s assessment that the officer acted inappropriately, noting that the department needs better protocols in place to train officers on how to deal with vulnerable of the population.

“The MBTA police… should have in place protocols and training for police officers so when they interact with members of the community, particularly with vulnerable populations, that they can treat individuals with dignity and respect in all encounters.”

Though many are decrying the post as insensitive and inappropriate for a transportation officer, no disciplinary action has been taken against Carlson at this point. Instead, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority says they are investigating the incident and trying to determine if Carlson was the one who made the post. If it is discovered the cop did post the image and rant herself, the department says they will determine if the post was made while the officer was on duty.

Though the department has not detailed what actions will be taken against Carlson if it is revealed she made the post while on duty, they did note that they hold their officers to the “highest standards of professionalism.”

“The transit police are held to the highest standards of professionalism – the public expects it and more importantly deserves it.”

Do you think the transit police officer should be disciplined or fired for her post showing the disabled man?

[Image via Facebook/ Ashley Carlson]

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