NASA Administrator Tells Students Extra Terrestrial Life Does Exist, Aliens Are Not Being Hidden In Area 51

Extra terrestrial existence has always been a controversial subject, but one NASA Administrator tells British school students that aliens do exist. Furthermore, Major Charles Bolden reveals that the government is not hiding aliens in Area 51.

Bolden replied to a question from 10-year-old British student Carmen Dearing.

“I do believe that we will someday find other forms of life or a form of life, if not in our solar system then in some of the other solar systems – the billions of solar systems in the universe.”

Bolden also stressed that Area 51, thought by many to be an area of alien conspiracy concealed by the government, is not hiding extra terrestrials, and is simply a normal research and development facility.

Just a few weeks ago, a whistleblower claimed to have assisted with top-secret, reverse-engineered alien technology at Area 51. In fact, many have claimed to have worked at many different underground alien research facilities, backing up the claims that alien life is being hidden by the U.S. government.

Conspiracy theorists believe that Area 51 holds dead alien bodies, and keeps surviving extra terrestrials, who were victims of UFO crashes in the U.S. It is said that the surviving aliens were kept by the government to force them to assist with reverse-engineering alien space crafts.

Charles Bolden denies Area 51 is hiding aliens
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Techworm reports that Bill Uhouse, a whistleblower from at Area 51 between 1966 and 1979, was a mechanical engineer working with a Grey alien, “J-Rod.” According to Uhouse, he helped J-Rod build a flight simulator to be used by the Air Force pilots for training purposes. J-Rod was said to be found at a UFO crash site.

Uhouse further stated that they were able to communicate with J-Rod using Grey alien technology, which permits engineers and human scientists to telepathically communicate with Grey aliens. There are said to be three races of Grey aliens including Tall Greys, Short Greys, and human-sized Greys.

It has been questioned whether or not NASA or the government will eventually admit that alien life exists. Previously, it was reported that NASA’s Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan made a statement that she thinks within a decade, we could have “strong indications of life beyond Earth.”

It is a likely scenario to assume that we are not the only living species in the Universe. UFO sightings and other significant stories have floated to the surface to prove that aliens are among us. Back in 2012, a huge smoke cloud was noticed at Area 51, making many believe a UFO crash occurred at the top-secret military base. Of course, the allegations were quickly denied by the U.S. government.

A little over a year ago, President Obama was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He made this statement when confronted by Jimmy Kimmel in regard to Area 51 and aliens.

“The aliens won’t let it happen. You will reveal all of their secrets. They exercise strict control over us.”

Even the President of the United States admitted alien life exists, whether he meant to reveal it or not. Obama added, “I can’t reveal anything.”

Of course, everyone wants to know what is being hidden in the very secretive Area 51 military base. Many believe they are hiding aliens and using them to assist with reverse-engineering alien spacecraft. Others think Area 51 is used for testing out HARRP and has absolutely nothing to do with aliens at all.

Perhaps, Major Charles Bolden is telling us the truth about Area 51. We may never truly know. Conspiracy theorists have been collecting evidence to prove that alien life exists and their presence at Area 51. Unfortunately, we may never be completely sure what lies in Area 51, but we can certainly make a wild guess.

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