Ke$ha Tweets Naked Photo From VMAs, Looked Drunk Onstage

Ke$ha tweeted a naked photo to show the world what she did to get ready for the MTV Video Music Awards, sharing a naked but not too revealing photo of herself in a hair and makeup chair.

The picture made The Huffington Post nervous about what to expect once Ke$ha hit the red carpet, though the singer pulled it together in time. The report noted:

“She’s not exactly a paragon of class, but the 25-year-old took a shower, washed and brushed her hair and showed up to last night’s MTV Video Music Awards looking better than we’ve ever seen her look in quite some time.”

Us Weekly also made note of Ke$ha’s glam makeover. With platinum blonde locks and a nude mini-dress with black floral applique design, the 25-year-old singer “knocked it out of the park,” the report stated.

“I wanted to look naked with some glitz on my bits,” Ke$ha said of the Zaldy dress, which she wore with Prada shoes.

Even with Ke$ha’s naked photo on Twitter, the singer has come a long way in the class department. In 2010, she showed up at the MTV Video Music Awards wearing a tiny black dress made from a trash bag.

Ke$ha isn’t just taking naked pictures; she’s also been busy at work on her third studio album.

“I went on a spirit journey,” Ke$ha said. “I came back working with the Flaming Lips, working with Iggy Pop, really exploring my rock roots. I’m really happy to announce my new single is called ‘Die Young’ and it’s coming out this month.”

The singer announced that her single “Die Young” will be released this month and was excited to be presenting a VMA along with friend Wiz Khalifa, though some people note that she looked drunk while onstage.

After Ke$ha tweeted her naked photo earlier in the day, she appeared glassy-eyed and held onto Wiz Khalifa for support, though The Huffington Post noted that she did well in red carpet interviews, so maybe she was doing a bit of partying backstage.