Sean Hannity Has Cameo In Atlas Shrugged Part II; Ayn Rand Film Adaption Premieres October 12

Sean Hannity and several other FNC personalities have cameos in the second installment of the movie version of Atlas Shrugged.

In addition to the conservative host, part two of the film adaption of Ayn Rand’s perennial best-selling novel — which debuts in theaters on October 12 — also includes small roles for Fox’s liberal commentators Juan Williams, Bob Beckel, and Tamara Holder according to Politico.

Atlas Shrugged Part I was considered a bomb after it was released last year. Even those potential moviegoers predisposed to Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism (i.e., rational self interest or even radical individualism some might say) were likely turned off by the trailer which appeared to be make the film look like a tedious talkfest. This may have been one case where the filmmakers were too faithful to the original Ayn Rand book.

The 1,000 page opus, which takes some stamina to get through, uses fiction (including science fiction to some degree) to extol individualism and free market capitalism, somewhat similar to the the principles expoused by contemporary libertarians. Ayn Rand, who fled Soviet Russia as a young girl, has many critics on both the left and the right, however.

According to Big, Atlas Shrugged producers believe that Part II will get a boost from Rand enthusiast Paul Ryan, the GOP vice presidential nominee, as well as from the surprising success of independent film 2016: Obama’s America.

Ayn Rand’s book was for many years in what the film industry calls “development hell” as many producers tried and failed for a variety of reasons to bring the libertarian work to the big screen.

With the disparagement of entrepreneurism by the federal government bureaucracy and the intersection of what might be considered Big Government and crony capitalism under the current administration, the 50-year-old book eerily echoes what many believe is going on in Washington today.

Part II has a new cast taking over the principal roles of the first film. From the trailer of Atlas Shrugged Part II (see below), the film also appears more lively and with better production values. Big Hollywood notes that “A quick peek at that trailer shows the story’s key themes, from the economy to energy, overlap neatly with the current dialogue in the presidential race.”

Producer Harmon Kaslow said “What a fabulous opportunity that we have to get like-minded people into a theater Oct. 12, to celebrate Ayn Rand’s ideas. Not all of them embrace [Rand’s] message on political grounds. Some are very political, some aren’t. Some are on the Left, some are on the Right.”

Watch the trailer for Atlas Shrugged Part II: