13-Year-Old Girl Steals Family Car, Runs Away To Meet 12-Year-Old Boyfriend She Met On CoD

A 13-year-old girl has been returned home safely after boosting her older brother’s vehicle and stealing away in the night to meet the 12-year-old boy she became acquainted with while playing Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Elizabeth Annette Robinson of Texas met the 12-year-old Kentucky boy, named Dylan, playing the video game on Xbox Live, and her parents were aware she’d been chatting to the fellow tween at the time of her disappearance.

Robinson was discovered to have flown the coop by her parents Thursday morning, and soon a letter was uncovered stating that the girl had been experiencing bully at school and was planning to shack up with a female friend.

But her mom put two and two together and recalling the fact her daughter had mentioned the boy and that the girl’s dad had forbidden contact between the two and taken away the Xbox, connected the dots of her daughter’s sudden flight.

Amazingly, the junior high schooler made it quite far, getting all the way to Nashville across several hours and state lines before a trooper pulled her over. Robbie Robinson, the girl’s dad, explains his panic in the hours Elizabeth was missing:

“When you’re sittin’ in your truck by yourself you can hope for the best and pray for the best, but the negative thoughts do enter your mind,” he said. “You hear all the cases, all the time that they don’t show back up or they’re missing for months or years.”

Police had also been tracking Robinson through her mother’s debit card, which she’d lifted before she left the house. The elder Robinson even drove Elizabeth all the way to the boy’s home, but the pair were unable to find it before having to turn around and go home.

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