Jan Brewer: Former Arizona Governor ‘Fed Up’ With President ‘Crying Bigot’

Jan Brewer, the former Arizona governor, appeared on CNN Sunday morning (June 26) to express how “fed up” she is with President Obama’s quickness to use the words “racist” and “bigot” every time someone disagrees with him, particularly in relation to the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Also, part of host Jake Tapper’s panel was vanquished candidate for the Democratic nomination Martin O’Malley, former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, and former Ohio Senator Nina Turner.

While everyone had a chance to weigh in, it was Jan Brewer who gave the most forceful takedown of the political scene, aiming all her ire at President Obama.

Brewer has had her share of dust-ups with the President during his two terms in office. Her anti-illegal immigration direction while Governor was a major target of the Obama administration during his first term.

When the President used “bigoted” to decry Trump’s anti-illegal immigration policies, she took issue, claiming that Obama “comes tearing after Republicans, constantly calling names and calling people ‘bigots’ and ‘racists'” every time someone disagreed with him.

“That’s his big comeback, and it’s ridiculous seeing a President speak like that and, quite frankly, offensive.”

Acknowledging the point of Jan Brewer, Tapper asked O’Malley if there was a danger of the President’s frequent use of the terms creating “numbness” in the voting public.

O’Malley did not think so and asserted that the Commander-in-Chief “doesn’t say this about all Republicans, but he does say rightly that Trump is a bigot and racist” and “makes fascist appeals to voters.”

“That is why self-respecting Republicans aren’t supporting him,” O’Malley continued. “He appeals to the worst in people.”

Jan Brewer shot back that the rhetoric needed to be centered on differences in policy, but that “every time we do that with President Obama and Hillary Clinton, you’re a bigot or racist–every subject where you disagree with them.”

When O’Malley tried to object to that assertion, Cuccinelli, who supported Ted Cruz and actively worked against Trump during the primary, said the former Governor was “absolutely right about that.”

“When he can’t defend his policies, he plays the race card. It’s a common tactic for Democrats.”

Cuccinelli did say that he “expected to vote for Trump in November” despite their differences and came back to how people have “seen the tactic over and over and over.”

Turner, who introduced a bill that tried to regulate men’s reproductive health during her tenure as a state Senator, also sided with the President insisting that he “doesn’t go off every day on bigotry” and that he wasn’t saying that “everyone who votes for Trump is racist.

She also attacked Trump for trying to “delegitimize” Obama’s presidency by supporting the “birther” movement.

When it came back to Jan Brewer, whom some are touting as a possible VP pick for Trump, the question was raised by Tapper as to whether she had heard anything in Trump’s rhetoric that she might consider racially tinged or counterproductive.

“I think Mr. Trump is new to the political arena, and he may have said things he had to walk back a little, but dang it, I get fed up when we hear over and over and over again that every time someone wants to support the Constitution that we are bigots,” Brewer said.

Video for the entire knockdown drag-out–specifically involving the parts between Jan Brewer and Martin O’Malley–can be viewed at this link from Mediaite.

In the meantime, what do you think about the exchange, readers?

Is Jan Brewer right in calling out the President over his frequent uses of the terms “bigot” and “racist” regarding Donald Trump and his supporters, or is there something to what Obama is asserting? Sound off in the comments section.

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