Mariah Carey Treats Blac Chyna To ‘Sexy Striptease’

A “very pregnant” Blac Chyna got the surprise of a lifetime when she was sitting in the audience, watching a Mariah Carey show in Las Vegas on June 25. Carey knew Chyna was at her #1 to Infinity residency show, and decided to give the mom-to-be a good time while she had the chance. Mariah invited Blac on stage, but Blac had no idea what she was in for when she accepted the pop diva’s invitation.

According to the Daily Mail, Mariah has a reputation for bringing celebrities on stage during her shows to give them a little “special attention,” and the attention given Chyna was very special indeed.

People magazine reports that after Blac and Mariah greeted each other with an air kiss, Mariah, dressed in a sexy red dress with a deep slit, “held her hand” to lead her over to a big, round white bed set up on stage. Carey then got her to take a comfy seat on the pillows that were “strewn” all over the bed. Blac had already “looked nervous” when she walked on stage, but at this next step, she definitely looked “flustered;” although, she obediently sat where she was told.

The next part offered plenty of reasons for Blac to be nervous. One of Mariah’s “gorgeous male dancers” brought a bright red blindfold to cover Chyna’s eyes and helped her put it on. Blac hesitated, partly because she was worried about “messing up her pink wig,” but Mariah and the dancer convinced Blac that her wig would be unharmed. As soon as Blac had the blindfold on, the “very sexy” fun began.

Mariah serenaded her guest with her 2008 hit song, “Touch My Body,” singing the line, “You’re so awesome they don’t know what to do,” as she stroked and teased Blac with a pink feather. But, the real surprise was the “very hunky” dancer who jumped up on the bed and began “doing his thing” over top of Blac. Chyna started to giggle when the show got “really steamy” as the dancer tore off his tank top.

Although Rob Kardashian’s fiancée seemed to be a bit “embarrassed” as she left the show that night, Chyna was very appreciative about the whole thing on Instagram. The model posted a photo of herself on stage taken by one of the other dancers, and said that it was “truly an honor” to have the chance to “grace the stage with Mariah” Carey, and described the show as “amazing” and Carey as “gorgeous.”

The experience might have been nerve-wracking for Chyna, since it’s not every day even someone as famous as the newest Kardashian fiancée gets to be on stage with Carey, but it looks like she had a ton of fun up there. Blac may have had an idea that she could find herself on that big white bed, too. The previous week, John Legend was in the audience with his wife Chrissy Teigen, and Carey called him up for a turn on the bed. He got his share of pink feather tickling while Chrissy “cheered from the audience,” and according to Billboard, Mariah made sure to include one of the sexy dancers. She had one of those “muscular dancers do a little body rolling on the mattress” for Legend.

Mariah opened the #1 to Infinity shows on May 6, and plans to continue the sold out series through September 2016. With “eye-popping and revealing ensembles,” Carey’s show is filled with “incredibly racy performances” just like the one with Blac Chyna. There’s every chance that Carey plans to surprise a few more fellow stars who pop in to see the show.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]