‘The Legend Of Tarzan:’ Margot Robbie And Alex Skarsgard Reveal Diet Regimen, Working Naked, And More During Periscope Q&A

Stars of the upcoming The Legend of Tarzan movie, Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard sat with PEOPLE magazine on Saturday for a live Twitter Q&A session broadcasted via Periscope.

The two Legend of Tarzan leads discussed the world of Tarzan and their experience working with each other by answering questions from fans on Twitter about the movie and more.

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One of the many interesting things uncovered during the interview was how Robbie and Skarsgard physically prepared for the role through strict dieting, exercise, and music festivals.

The man playing the King of the Jungle in the Legend of Tarzan movie, Alexander Skarsgard, 39, revealed that he spent all of his weekends working out and consuming small boxes of food – namely chicken breast – before going to bed early.

The Legend of Tarzan will be in Theaters July 1

Meanwhile, in Northern England, his co-star Margot Robbie, 25, spent her weekends at wild music festivals or backpacking through Europe and crashing in the hostels of Amsterdam.

Skarsgard admits while filming the Tarzan movie that he longed for the real-life adventure Margot was living — even if it only meant eating whatever he wanted at least.

The actor frequently asked her, “what’s life like out there?” However, achieving the picture-perfect physique of Tarzan comes with such sacrifices.

During the shoot of the Tarzan movie, Alex would also urge Robbie to tell him everything she ate while being as meticulous as possible. It was almost as though Skarsgard was “getting off” to it, Robbie claimed.

“It was like food porn for Alex. I was like, ‘I had this and I ate that, and for dessert I had that.’ And he was, like, welling up … Actually, I really felt bad. To begin with I was like, ‘Mmm, mmm, mmm, I’m eating cake and you’re not!’ And then after a while I felt really bad for him, so I’d eat my food somewhere else so he couldn’t see.”

Robbie herself is a highly talented eater, “I can drink like a lot of water very quickly. I can chug beer pretty quickly as well … I can consume things quickly, I guess.”

Skarsgard then recalled that Margot actually won a competitive eating contest against a 220-pound man — the challenge, spaghetti Bolognese.

“I won, I ate four kilos of spaghetti Bolognese in an hour. That’s a lot!” Robbie defeated her opponent during her time working on the Australian TV series Neighbors.

The Tarzan actors were also asked who would be the last one standing if they were stranded on a deserted island in real life.

Skarsgard admitted that it would be Robbie, hands-down, with an immediate response,

“She would eat me.”

Robbie agreed, “I would eat him I’d wait for him to turn around, and then I’d smack him over the head with a coconut and I’d have food for months.”

In The Legend of Tarzan reboot, there is a flashback scene depicting the very moment Jane and Tarzan first met in the jungle as teens.


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Reportedly, this scene involves a “butt naked” Skarsgard getting to know a young Jane better the only way a man raised by gorilla’s can — by groping her face and sniffing her crotch.

“He’s literally, like, on my face and messes my hair up and it’s adorable,” Robbie laughed.

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The new Legend of Tarzan movie hits theaters this Friday, July 1.

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