Hillary Clinton Email Investigation: Tech Guy Is ‘Her Beast In The Night,’ Claims Judge Andrew Napolitano [Video]

Bryan Pagliano, Hillary Clinton’s IT specialist who allegedly set up and managed her private email server, is Clinton’s “beast in the night” because of his inside information about the scandal.

That was the vivid description provided by Judge Andrew Napolitano, the civil libertarian and Fox News go-to guy for legal analysis.

Napolitano was reacting to the news on Wednesday that Pagliano reportedly pleaded the Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination more than 100 times during a pretrial deposition with Judicial Watch, an organization which is suing the U.S. State Department for more access to Hillary Clinton’s emails and other related records.

The Judicial Watch freedom of information civil lawsuit is separate from the ongoing FBI investigation into why Hillary Clinton used a private email server rather than a presumably more secure.gov account to conduct government business while serving as U.S. Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton has denied any wrongdoing in the matter.

Napolitano, the senior judicial analyst at the news network, previously declared that the FBI has compiled enough solid and “overwhelming” evidence to indict and convict Hillary Clinton of federal law violations in the way classified or secret government documents were allegedly handled or mishandled.

Bryan Pagliano on Capltol Hill
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Controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has essentially expressed the same belief, but he insisted that the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice under Obama appointee Loretta Lynch is too politicized to go forward with criminal charges. WikiLeaks supposedly will soon be releasing more Hillary Clinton emails into the public domain.

In a Thursday morning appearance on Fox and Friends, Napolitano reacted to the news that Bryan Pagliano took the Fifth over and over during the 90-minute, closed-door deposition conducted by Judicial Watch.

“Her IT person, Bryan Pagliano, is her beast in the night. He is the FBI’s lead witness…He has been briefing the FBI on her email excesses, her profound willingness to expose national secrets since October. When this case goes to a grand jury, he is the FBI’s lead witness. In return for all that, he got an order of immunity, but it’s only immunity for what he tells the FBI. If he says something … in this deposition in a Freedom of Information Act case, which is not the case against her, it’s a civil lawsuit — a separate case — he could be in trouble for what he says there.”


The judge also claimed that government infighting, specifically identifying the National Security Agency (NSA), might prove troublesome for Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, in the email probe because of alleged FBI foot-dragging.

“She is in more hot water than you can imagine today because another federal agency of the federal government is unhappy with the slow pace at which the FBI has been moving, and they’ve begun to leak.”

Judge Napolitano also weighed in on the gun control sit-in that took place in the House of Representatives. Napolitano opposes the “no-fly, no-buy” proposal because, in his view, someone can be put on the secret list erroneously and without a hearing and thereby lose a fundamental right under the Second Amendment to U.S. Constitution. As an example, he also claimed that Rep. John Lewis (who participated in the sit-in) and the late Senator Ted Kennedy, both liberal Democrats, were previously falsely placed on the no-fly list.

In the past, civil libertarians/privacy advocates on the left and the right have decried the no-fly list itself because of overinclusive errors, its arbitrary nature, and the lack of due process. The American Civil Liberties Union has hauled the feds into court over the no-fly list.

In a Townhall column, Napolitano, who was a Superior Court judge in New Jersey from 1987 to 1995, further explained his objections to linking the no-fly list with a prohibition on the ability for a citizen to legally buy a firearm.

“If a government bureaucrat can put your name on a secret list on the bureaucrat’s own whim or even using secret standards and, as a result, you have lost a fundamental liberty, then the feds have transformed a natural right into a governmental gift. If the feds can create a no-fly list in secret and ‘no fly’ comes to mean ‘no buy,’ then we have no rights but what the government will permit us to do.”

Hillary Clinton campaigns in NC on 6/22/16
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Do you think that Hillary Clinton’s IT guy will go into “beast mode” in the ongoing FBI investigation into the private server/email controversy?

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