Reza Farahan Says Jessica Parido Told Him ‘Hard To Hear’ Details About Mike Shouhed’s Cheating

Does Reza Farahan know the details of Mike Shouhed’s cheating on Jessica Parido during their marriage? It seems so. In a Shahs of Sunset after-show web episode of The Shahs Come Clean With Nadine, posted prior to the latest episode on Sunday night, Reza, accompanied by Asa Soltan Rahamti, talked about the meeting that he had with Jessica in hopes of getting her to join the cast’s trip to Belize. Reza revealed that during the meeting, Jessica told him “hard to hear” details about Mike’s cheating. Reza explained that Jessica found out something that was the last straw when it came to his cheating.

During last week’s episode, viewers saw Reza, prior to Jessica’s arrival at the restaurant, call Mike and tell him that he was about to have dinner with Jessica. “No, I’m not down with that,” Mike told him. In the after-show, Reza admitted that he didn’t tell Mike, prior to then, about his meeting with Jessica because he knew that Mike would have been suspicious of his intentions. Reza said that Mike would have thought that he was meddling or trying to find out the truth about what happened with the marriage. Reza added that Mike was really worried about Jessica “outing” him.

Reza explained that at the time, he wanted to invite Jessica to Belize because he wanted to help fix her relationship with Mike. Reza, who considers Mike to be a best friend, couldn’t stand to see Mike hurting so much from losing Jessica. Yet in explaining his genuine motivation for inviting Jessica to the trip, Reza said that he didn’t know that Jessica was also engaging in some shady behavior.

“At the time [of Asa’s fashion show], I had no idea that something was going on with Jessica and another person. So at the time I’m thinking, ‘Mike, you’re a hot head. Cool it. It’s all your fault.’ Meanwhile, home girl is like [texting motion]. She was on her phone every two seconds. And she would pick the phone up and you know when you get a text message from someone that you’re excited about, you look at it, your eyes light up and you respond very quickly and you put it away and your phone buzzes again. So I’m watching Mike watching his wife feverishly texting someone.”

Reza Farahan said that when Jessica Parido turned down his invite, telling him that she doesn’t think she’ll get back together with Mike Shouhed, he was “devastated.”

“I was devastated. And I didn’t know what to do because she said to me in that moment, like, ‘I found out that he cheated on me.’ And I didn’t care about the details, I just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t more rumor, it wasn’t more bulls**t.”

Asa Soltan Rahmati spoke up to ask Reza if he thinks that Jessica had just found out about Mike’s cheating or if she just made a decision about it. Reza said that Jessica found something that finally convinced her to leave Mike, something that finally pushed her past the point that his previous transgressions didn’t.

“You know, I think that she found something. She gave me some details that were really hard to hear. For me it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It wasn’t just that one thing.”

In November, 2015, Jessica told In Touch Weekly that she was divorcing Mike because she found numerous text messages between Mike and other women he was cheating on her with throughout their marriage. Jessica revealed that the text messages were sexually graphic.

As for whether Mike can change his ways, Reza was optimistic.

“I think for sure Mike can be a reformed h*.”

Asa, however, wasn’t so sure.

“Some people have a philosophy, ‘You can never reform a h*.'”

On the latest Shahs of Sunset episode, Mike was asked by Reza Farahan and Asa Soltan Rahmati if he cheated on Jessica during their marriage. Mike continued denying that he did. He told Reza and Asa, as well as Shervin Roohparvar who is skeptically listening, that Jessica has chosen to believe lies. When Shervin teold Mike to just come clean, Mike got mad and left.

Yet later on, Mike admits to Reza that he was a bad husband and that the text allegations were true. Mike was then shown admitting during a confessional interview that he cheated on Jessica. When a producer asked Mike if he cheated on Jessica, he finally said yes.

“I can’t deny it. Yeah it’s true.”

Apparently, Jessica Parido isn’t sticking around to see if Mike Shouhed has really changed from his ways. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jessica, a little more than a week ago, denied the rumors that she and Mike are getting back together.

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