Jason Aldean Imposter Arrested For Defrauding Women

A Jason Aldean impersonator has been arrested for defrauding a woman with a mental handicap by taking money from the woman and convincing her to have sex with him.

According to WFLA, the Jason Aldean imposter, Daniel Farris, pretended to be the country music star on Facebook, say police. Police also claim Farris pretended to be a friend of Jason Aldean’s to get the money he was swindling from the woman. Allegedly, Farris was able to convince the woman to give him money by telling the victim that Jason Aldean loved her, but Aldean’s friend needed the money while the country music singer was on tour.

Daniel Farris
Daniel Michael Farris, 27, pretended to be Jason Aldean on Facebook and a friend of Aldean’s in order to defraud and take advantage of a woman with a mental handicap, allege police. [Photo by the Pinellas Country Sheriff’s Office]
A police affidavit alleges Farris asked the woman to pay him $2,000. The report says that the Aldean impersonator received $230 from her on two different times, and Farris also convinced the victim to have sex with him.

Although it is unclear whether Farris was posing as Aldean’s friend when he actually met the victim or if he was posing as Aldean, it is clear to authorities that he was working to defraud the victim of money and took advantage of her situation.

The Jason Aldean imposter did admit to using the money for his own purposes, according to Largos police.

The Pinellas County, Florida, man admits that he used the money he received from the deceived woman to buy prescription pain pills for his drug addiction.

AJC reports that Largos police arrested the 27-year-old on Tuesday, according to records from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

It was not clear how the woman discovered that the man was not Jason Aldean or a friend of the real country music star or how police became aware that Farris was impersonating Jason Aldean.

Jason Aldean
Jason Aldean is really on tour until October, but the rest of the story spewed by the Aldean impersonator is false, say authorities. [Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for CMT]
Jason Aldean is not the first country star to be impersonated and used to swindle people out of their money and assets, according to the Boot. In fact, some swindlers have managed to convince their victims that they are huge country stars despite not resembling them in the slightest.

A woman from New Mexico pretended to be Alison Krauss and actually managed to marry the man she was targeting for money and other assets. In 2014, Peggy Sue Evans was finally arrested after she had been married to her victim for a few months and convinced the man to sign over the deed to his house and make her the heir to his estate in his will. During their short time together, she managed to empty his bank account, too, posing as someone she was not.

Although Evans did not look like Krauss, she convinced her 75-year-old husband that she was the country star and that she had to change her name to escape the chaos of the unrelenting paparazzi.

Evans was arrested and sentenced to 15 years probation, never to have contact with the victim again, and to pay him nearly $73,000 in restitution, according to KSFM.

The man who tried to be Jason Aldean and pretended to be a friend of Jason Aldean faces a grand theft charge and scheming to defraud a person of less than $20,000. The grand theft charge stems from cashing $2,360 in business checks from the victim.

Farris remained in jail over the weekend on $4,000 bond, and it is unclear if he has an attorney. The real Jason Aldean is on tour until October.

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]

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