Cam’Ron Howard Shoots Man 5 Times, ‘Free Cam’ Campaign Started After Murder?

Cam’Ron Howard shoots an unsuspecting man five times on his porch, and Howard’s friends want him free?

Honestly, where’s the logic in that request?

Note: Cam’Ron Howard’s Facebook page now has been deactivated. All embedded, accompanying photos and videos may no longer be available.

So, just to get the facts straight, here’s what Chicago Tribune reports, in a nutshell.

  • Cam’Ron Howard, 18, wanted weed
  • He asked 29-year-old Eric Burgin if he had any
  • Burgin said “no,” but would call someone who did
  • Howard pulls a gun and shoots Burgin five times, after saying, “You know what time it is!”

So, was it a purchase-gone-wrong, or did Howard go to Burgin’s with the specific intention to rob him?

Cam’Ron Howard’s Charges

Cam’Ron Howard allegedly murdered Eric Burgin Friday night on the 6400 block of South Damen Avenue, in Chicago, Illinois.

Minutes after the alleged murder, Howard was arrested by gang enforcement officers. Likewise, Cam’Ron Howard was charged with “first-degree murder.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, Cook County Circuit Judge Laura M. Sullivan ordered that Cam’Ron be held without bail for the alleged murder of 29-year-old Burgin. The Chicago-Sun Times mentioned that Howard will appear in court on Monday, June 27.

The report also notes that the murder weapon was a silver revolver. Is it coincidence that a silver revolver is also seen on his Facebook page?

You can clearly see a silver revolver in Cam’Ron Howard’s possession in the right photograph.

The murder report also states that another person, whom was sitting on the porch with Howard’s victim, “suffered a graze wound to his lower left leg.”

So, if during the murder he allegedly put five bullets into Burgin, and one grazed a bystander, is it possible that Cam’Ron let out a full load? A revolver only holds six bullets, right?

Interestingly enough, Howard mentioned on June 23 that he felt he had “officially lost his mind.” On June 24, the murder occurred.

If you don’t know, Chicago’s gang activity has ridiculously elevated in recent years. It was already bad, but now it’s at an illogical level.

What’s Wrong With Chicago’s Youth?

To give you an idea of the mentality of some of the city’s youth — even after learning of the murder Cam’Ron Howard allegedly committed — several youths are updating their statuses with “Free Cam” statements.

As if the murder means absolutely nothing at all, these youths would rather have Howard back on the street — given his notorious reputation as an 18-year-old.

If you read the comments left on his page as well as new reports, many of these commentators say “his mind is blown.”

If that’s the case, he needs psychiatric help long before seeking “freedom,” right?

If Cam’Ron Howard has “officially lost his mind,” as he mentioned, what kind of logical sense does it make to free him back onto the streets?

Cam’Ron Howard’s Open Social Media

Just from a brief look at Cam’Ron Howard’s Facebook page, you can see that the idea of violence is nothing foreign to the teen.

In several posts, Howard is seen holding and pointing firearms at the camera.

But, obviously, these weapons are registered, right? Surely, he holds a weapon’s permit, yes? Apparently, Howard’s pistol with an “extendo” clip is registered, correct?

As you can see in the video below, he’s even seen riding around town brandishing the weapon.

Disclaimer: The following video contains graphic images/explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

There’s an unbelievable amount of “possibly incriminating” photos via Cam’Ron’s social media profile. An interesting question might be, “Why would someone stretch so far to incriminate himself?”

Honestly, such flashiness isn’t common sense. Each one of Cam’Ron Howard’s drug or weapon photos is possibly worth a separate “possession” count — if those drugs aren’t prescription and guns aren’t registered.

Even for the sake of innocence, if Cam’Ron Howard had never shot anyone before the June 24th murder, that’s not the message or mentality he portrays through his Facebook profile posts.

Overall, what do you think about Cam’Ron Howard’s posts and the alleged murder he committed? Likewise, what are your thoughts about those who are calling for his release? Feel free to share your response in the comments below.

[Image via Chicago Police Department]

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