Selena Gomez Receives Worst Critique Of Revival Concert In Detroit

Selena Gomez must have thought everything was going well with her Revival concert series until she performed before a Detroit audience on Friday and realized that about seven sections of the upper level of the Palace of Auburn Hills were empty. Also, there were some sporadic spots in the occupied upper area, too. Oh yeah, like bald spots on a bad haircut.

That was the observation of Detroit News which distinctly remembered that the last time Selena Gomez was in this concert hall was in November 2013. The source, therefore, added that it was a disappointment to see Selena not having “improved” since that time.

What kind of improvement did the source want to see from Selena Gomez? In short, the Detroit News wanted the pop star to own the concert instead of acting as if Selena were still in training as a pop star. That must hurt, like that careless joke from Chris Rock recently.

But perhaps the best attitude that Selena Gomez should take is to listen closely to constructive criticism if she wishes the rest of the Revival playdates to sail smoothly. Obviously, a lot is at stake for Selena in this concert series. And sometimes, when you are so attached to your work, it’s hard to see the point of view of others who might be having a problem with your performance.

Nothing was wrong with Selena Gomez’s appearance as far as the source is concerned. In fact, Selena was praised for it as follows.

“She certainly looked the part: immaculate clothing, perfectly tasseled hair, Beyoncé-grade wind machines giving her that freshly blown look.”

The “but” is “a connection was lacking, and the 18-song, 70-minute show was a low-wattage affair.”

What is so good about this criticism is that it really fleshed out what the observer or observers think is wrong, instead of only making confusing hints about it. It was rather specific, too, about the lack of narratives to connect the Revival set together.

Most likely, Selena Gomez will take all the criticism from the Detroit Revival constructively. After all, she doesn’t have to make any major improvements on her acts. Just a few improvements here and there should do to address the criticism. The thing with criticism is that it is simply a delayed praise waiting to happen.

Selena Gomez is still at the top of her game. Just imagine being a Louis Vuitton signature model. She is getting all those haute couture dresses and of course, the bags as well. Louis Vuitton bags are the best, and they are so expensive too. Lucky lady Selena is getting them all for free, although of course, she has work to do for the sponsor. Here’s one such bag on the wrist of Selena’s BFF Taylor Swift recently when Tom Hiddleston introduced the “Love Story” singer to his mother, Diana.

In addition, Selena Gomez is also a Coca-Cola ambassadress. Being the most popular personality on Instagram, a lot of people would already have seen how Gomez channels her inner Coke lover.

There is also news that Selena Gomez is already working on her sixth music album, according to J-14. So she deserves to finish all that Coke in the bottle. Her next Revival concert is today, Sunday, June 26 in St. Louis, Missouri at the Scottrade Center.

Who knows, Selena Gomez might already have some changes in place for Revival after the Detroit experience. So far, she has not announced if there are any upcoming changes to her stage outfits. As they look right now, they look just perfect for her and certainly they were not the subject of the Detroit criticism. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it goes the saying. But knowing Selena Gomez, she just might have some new outfits in store for her audience.

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