Roger Federer shares first pics of his twins on Facebook

Celebrity baby pictures are a hot comodity for the paparazzi, tabloids and magazines. Some publications have been known to pay celebs and the paps millions for the first photos of celebrity babies, but celebs who have embraced social media are increasingly publishing their more personal pics and intimate moments online.

Tennis super-celeb, Roger Federer, is one of those people. Earlier today (Friday), Federer shared the photo below of himself and his wife, holding their newborn twin girls, the first known photo of the babies that have been made public. And his 2.5+ million Facebook fans couldn’t be more thrilled. As of about 4 hours after uploading the baby photo, it has received 55,000+ likes and 14,000+ comments.

Roger Federer Baby Photo from Facebook


Roger Federer loves Facebook and loves his fans on the social network, often interacting with them and regularly taking the time to help out some of his fans with their tennis woes. Federer even bragged about hitting the 2,000,000 fans mark during a recent interview with ESPN.

Back to those twins – They’re so tiny, and cute! Congrats to Roger and his wife.