BTS Has Already Dominated Their 2016 Asia Tour: All 144,000 Tickets In Upcoming Shows In China, Japan, Thailand, And Philippines Sold Out!

If there is one singular K-pop group the community, both fans and the industry, can say is dominating 2016, it is surely BTS. Also known as Bangtan Boys and the Bulletproof Boy Scouts, BTS has accomplished much within their short careers. Starting with the fact they were the only K-pop group responsible for Big Hit Entertainment having the second-highest album sales for 2015, they were the most-retweeted musical act on Twitter for a month, and they have also previously ranked number one on Korean music charts for "Fire," and that same song's music video has the second-highest number of views on YouTube for K-pop.

Needless to say, BTS has become highly sought out for their massive popularity. This is definitely true for the A.R.M.Y., the official fan club of BTS, who do not reside in South Korea. For them, or any foreign (to South Korea) fans of any K-pop group, getting the chance to see the K-pop idols they admire can come off as once in a lifetime. Apparently, foreigners part of the A.R.M.Y. understand that and are coming in droves to purchase tickets for all the shows BTS have planned on their 2016 Asia tour. As a matter of fact, the A.R.M.Y. have bought all 144,000 tickets for shows in China, Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines. This means BTS' 2016 Asia tour has officially sold out!

The news of BTS selling out their remaining shows for their latest Asia tour known as The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage: Epilogue, as reported by AllKpop. The remaining stops on the tour include Nanjing and Beijing in China; Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo in Japan; Bangkok in Thailand; and Manila in the Philippines. The total number of tickets is said to be 144,000, though it is possible the number is more of an estimate. Still, it does not negate the fact that the remaining shows for The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage: Epilogue tour are now sold out.

Originally, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage: Epilogue tour began back in June 7 and 8 with performances in Olympic Park in Seoul, South Korea. The shows sold out 25,000 tickets as soon as the ticket office opened. The same would happen for ticket offices in both Taiwan and Macau, where all their tickets sold out in just five seconds.

Though The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage: Epilogue tour is considered a major tour for BTS and the talent agency representing them, Big Hit Entertainment, they did have issues. In Taiwan, the A.R.M.Y. gathered in droves to meet BTS at the airport. Apparently, the security detail to maintain order was poorly designed or lacking. This resulted in the Taiwanese A.R.M.Y. violating BTS' personal space. Both Jin and Suga were shoved around aggressively, but were able to keep their balance. Jimin, on the other hand, was not so fortunate as he was shoved hard to the ground. A security personnel was able to help Jimin and escort him quickly to safety, but that caused all the other members of BTS to hightail it to safety too.

The incident in Taiwan forced Big Hit Entertainment to inform the A.R.M.Y. that such behavior on their part would have a negative affect on BTS' future projects and endeavors. They asked that the A.R.M.Y. refrain from partaking in such "risky" behavior. This includes using the same airlines BTS may use for traveling, trying to sit next to them on the airplane, and engaging directly with BTS, specifically with physical contact.

Right now, BTS is promoting their latest EP, a mini-album titled The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever while making special appearances on radio and television. Just recently, they were the special guests on the 300th episode of Running Man, which is the longest-running Korean variety show to date. Their participation was so well-received, the producers have made it known they would like to have BTS on again for a full episode special.

[Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images]