‘Southern Charm’ Cast Gets Ready For Reunion And Shares Reunion Trailer With Spoilers

The countdown to the reunion of season three of Southern Charm is on the horizon, and some details have begun to leak out ranging from what the Southern Charm cast members do to prepare for a reunion show, to what fans can expect Andy Cohen to ask the cast. The season finale of Southern Charm created more questions than were answered, and it even ended with a friend of the Southern Charm Cast wondering aloud about whether or not Landon had finally confessed to sleeping with Thomas Ravenel.

According to the Inquisitr, Thomas Ravenel just gave a lengthy interview with Quintin Washington where he covered a variety of disjointed topics, including what happened at the filming of the Southern Charm reunion show, where he was confronted by baby mama Kathryn Calhoun Dennis. The interview lasted a bit over thirty minutes and had Thomas Ravenel talking about drugs, alcohol, prison, and a potential political future.

Bravo is sharing video clips of the Southern Charm stars getting ready for the big reunion show, and the must haves, or must dos while getting ready to meet up with host Andy Cohen. This is the first Southern Charm reunion that is not taking place in the Bravo clubhouse where WWHL is filmed, but in an actual venue that doesn’t involve getting squished in like the cast of Vanderpump Rules.

Before the Southern Charm reunion show, all Landon wanted was to get her hands on a cup of coffee, while Craig just needed a nice shower to prepare for an epic Southern Charm reunion.

“I have to shower no matter what. Every morning that’s how I wake up. I can’t really function without showering. Once I get into a shower, I’m fine. That’s my happy place in waking up.”

But Whitney Sudler-Smith, who shockingly turned up for the Southern Charm reunion without his sidekick, mama Patricia Altschul, made a joke about working out before the reunion show.

“I do about 100 sit-ups, 200 push-ups, squats,” he joked. “And then just drink about a gallon of vodka.”


But Bustle says that the Southern Charm reunion preview video is something to see, and they give hints as to what fans will see. Bravo‘s first look video of the Southern Charm reunion suggests that the fans will be scraping their jaws off of the floor when they see exactly what goes down at the reunion. Sure, the usual suspects will attack Kathryn, but don’t expect the redhead to sit there and take it.

The big topic is the serious tea that was spilled in the last moments of the Southern Charm season finale when Shep’s date, and Landon’s friend Robyn, pondered whether Landon had confessed that she actually slept with Thomas Ravenel, like fans have suspected all along. Although Landon has denied any naked contact with Thomas Ravenel, evidence has mounted, and Landon will finally be confronted.


But Bustle put together a list of teasers to get fans of Southern Charm ready for Monday night.

  • Kathryn wears a sequined eyeball blouse before the show!
  • Whitney wears a leopard print smock while sitting in the makeup chair before the show!
  • T-Rav says his family is less happy about this whole reality show thing than they were about that whole prison thing!
  • Shep makes a computer science joke!
  • Kathryn wears a stunning choker situation!
  • Kathryn wears an amazing Renaissance Pleasure Faire dress! What a goddess!
  • Whitney accuses someone of attacking him in “a drug-fueled rage”!
  • Landon wants to clear up “stuff”!
  • Kathryn does some no-nonsense pointing!
  • There’s Shep and Craig tension! (Noooooo. Rooting for your friendship, Team Inclusion.)
  • Andy apparently accuses Craig of lying!

Bustle is also pondering about a fourth season of Southern Charm, and there are some hints that it just might happen. Though some questions will be answered on the Southern Charm reunion show, some things seem to need another season to actually unfold. For example, the outcome of the custody battle between Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, and whether or not Landon will recover from her rejection by Shep, and if she instead keeps fishing in the same small pond, and moves onto Thomas, or maybe even Whitney.

There is a suggestion that fans want to know if Cameran gives in, and decides she can tolerate a baby living in her home, but that storyline seemed rather contrived, as to give Cameran some Southern Charm relevance when she wasn’t sneering at Kathryn.

What do you think will be revealed on the reunion of Southern Charm? Do you think there will be a Southern Charm season four?

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