Are Britney Spears And Mariah Carey Preparing Major Comebacks?

Anybody in the pop music world knows that the past couple of years haven’t been extremely kind to Britney Spears or Mariah Carey. Both stars used to rule the music charts, but their latest albums have been huge flops. But, some would argue that it doesn’t matter with these two legendary stars.

Britney Spears’ last album Britney Jean came out on November 29, 2013, and it was declared a failure within weeks. Idolator reported the news.

“There’s no nice way to say this. Britney Spears’ most personal album is chart poison. With sales significantly lower than expected, Britney Jean looks set to debut around #5 on the Billboard 200 with an early, very modest first-week number of just 108,461 copies coming in — making it the worst opening bow of the superstar’s career.”

Britney Spears Album
What made the numbers even more sad was the fact that Britney Jean was released during the Christmas season, when albums usually sell a lot more. However, Britney Spears soon started a successful series of Las Vegas concerts. The show has been plagued with rumors of poor ticket sales, but the fact that Spears keeps adding shows would prove the rumors wrong.

Spears refreshed her Piece of Me series at The Axis in Planet Hollywood earlier this year and earned positive reviews. Robin Leach from the Las Vegas Sun said that Spears has never been more physical or in shape in her life. He said that Spears is a nonstop ball of fiery energy. Perhaps all this will help Britney when she releases her new album later this year.

Another star that has taken the Las Vegas Route after a major album flop is Mariah Carey, whose last studio album Me I Am Mariah: The Elusive Chanteuse was seen as a huge sales disappointment in 2014, even though it earned good reviews. According to Pop Dust, this caused Mariah to fire her manager.

“With sales of under 100,000 copies and a terrible promotional campaign that messed everything up from single releases to promo and everything in between, it’s no surprise to learn that Mariah has now said sayonara to her manager and long-time musical collaborator, Jermaine Dupri.”

Mariah Carey Las Vegas
In the past couple of years, Mariah Carey has tried to reshuffle herself (personally and professionally) and she has earned back some success. Mariah has been doing shows in Las Vegas for the past year and keeps adding dates. Even though the New York Times gave the show a horrible review, fans have been raving about Carey’s “return to form.” Twitter is buzzing with great reviews of the current shows.

Mariah Carey is now getting ready to debut a new reality show on E! called Mariah’s World. Some people think it’s a desperate career move, but her fans think it is a perfect outlet for Mariah Carey to show off her trademark craziness, huge sense of humor, and even her singing.

Even though both Britney Spears and Mariah Carey may not be at the peak of their careers, their legendary status allows them to do whatever they want. Some say that like Madonna, Mariah Carey — in particular — is experiencing ageism and that people don’t want to see a woman over 40 be successful. Do you think Mariah Carey and Britney Spears will still be selling out shows in 10 years? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Kevin Winter and Rachel Murray/Getty Images]