Homemade ‘Wipeout’ Course Makes Canadian Man The Coolest Dad Ever [Video]

A homemade Wipeout course sits in the street in front of of Mike “Crazy Legs” Conley’s home, a 90-foot-long inflatable obstacle course that has become the attraction of the neighborhood and even brought the Canadian man international attention.

Conley decided to build the course in front of his house, a place all the kids in the Brooklin, Ontario, neighborhood could congregate, ABC News reported. When it was finished, everyone was surprised at how extensive the homemade Wipeout course had become.

“They were surprised at the final display of it,” Conley said. “I had been building it for a couple months. They knew it was obviously coming. They’d walk out the door and see the whole thing stretching from one neighbor’s driveway to the next neighbor.”

For those not in the know, Wipeout is an ABC game show in which contestants try to navigate a bruising obstacle course, more often than not being knocked, thrown, or otherwise launched off of the various obstacles and into water below. The 34-year-old Conley was a former contestant on the Canadian version of the show and said his experience on Wipeout was one of the greatest of his life.

He first got the idea to build his own homemade Wipeout course after taping his audition for the actual show. For the tape Conley built a mini-course in his backyard and had his kids — Hailie, 13, Ty, 7, and Luke, 5 — run through the course.

“I was on ‘Wipeout’ Canada,” said Conley, who owns a marketing company. “That was an awesome experience. That was the total initial reason for the first video. We always try to find cool things to do outside in the summer.”

His audition tape itself has become somewhat of a hit, getting more than 10 million views on YouTube.

“We made it to impress the producers, and then it took off virally,” Conley told ABC News. “I just thought, ‘If this got so many views, imagine if I designed an actual course?'”

Conley set a $300 budget for his homemade Wipeout course, but said he ended up exceeding it by quite a bit, WMTA reported. But he said it was worth every penny so see the reactions when he unveiled the homemade Wipeout course: “They screamed. They were so excited. Our youngest ran straight into the house to put on his bathing suit. He wanted to be the first to run through it.”

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