'General Hospital' Spoilers: Julian Jerome Faces His Worst Fear, Will He Do The Unthinkable?

Nikolas Cassadine isn't the only dead man walking on ABC's General Hospital. There is another guy walking around, but the difference is that Carlos Rivera is really dead. He has come back to haunt his killer, Julian Jerome, and to try to drive him into doing something terrible.

It has been quite a tough week for Alexis Davis Jerome as she got arrested for the murder of Carlos Rivera. Of course, General Hospital viewers know that her husband is the real murderer and pretty much everyone in Port Charles knows it, too. This looks like a way to get Julian to end up confessing to save his wife, but will he end up killing her instead? From the looks of the video clip that ABC posted for the last week of June, Carlos is getting in Julian's head trying to convince the mobster to do away with his wife.

The ghost of Carlos showed up on Friday's episode of General Hospital to torment Julian, telling him that he needs to take care of the one person who could send him to prison. Alexis had the bloody shirt and was going to turn the evidence in until he saw her with it and grabbed it from her. She went from being the person who would betray her husband to the one being charged with the murder of Carlos.

Alexis believes that Julian set her up to take the fall for him. The whole thing has been hard for fans of this couple to watch, but it has also been very interesting to see how this will all play out between them. It may not be all that it seems to be.

Has Julian Jerome really turned into such a heartless mobster that he would kill the woman he loves just to keep her quiet? It sure doesn't seem like he would be capable of it, but the thought does cross his mind. In Friday's episode of General Hospital, Julian was being taunted by Carlos as the dead guy told him that he is just like his father, Victor. That seems to be Julian's fear that he turns into his mean daddy who would do anything to save himself.

It looks like Julian is having a nervous breakdown, but this could just test him to see if he will go completely to the dark side or he will stay as good as General Hospital fans hope he turns out to be. In a recent preview for ABC, Alexis is shown lounging in a bathtub when Julian walks in on her. She looks surprised to see him, and he has a sinister look on his face. Will this be his opportunity to do the unthinkable?


Fans are anxious to see how this all plays out between the two. This could be the end of one of General Hospital's favorite couples. Julian Jerome and Alexis Davis seemed like the perfect pair, but there was always the chance that Julian was not broken away from the mob like he promised he was. That was Alexis' fear, and it has come true in a very horrible way.

General Hospital's Ava and Julian.
[Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images]Their daughter, Sam Morgan, is in London right now with Jason as they are chasing down Nikolas and Julian's sister, Ava Jerome. She is expected to find out that her mother has been arrested and charged with Carlos' murder on Monday. Will she come back to help or will she stay put to find Nik?

Speaking of her daughters, you have to wonder why her other two girls, Kristina and Molly, have not heard about their mother's dilemma. They have not been seen since this whole thing has gone down. However, it is probably a good thing with their step-daddy being in such a bad place right now.

Do you think that Julian will actually attempt to kill Alexis? It is proving to be one hot summer on General Hospital.

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