Two Glowing UFOs Filmed Taking Off From The Ground In Wasilla, Alaska [Video]

A witness in Wasilla, Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Alaska, reports sighting and filming two mysterious, orange glowing, oval-shaped UFOs taking off from the ground vertically.

According to the witness in a testimony filed on November 14, 2012, as Case 43911 in the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database, she was taking her children to visit a haunted house on October 27, 2012, when the sighting occurred, at about 7:50 p.m.

As her children entered the car, she looked ahead and noticed two glowing, oval-shaped UFOs emerging from behind trees and rising vertically in the air, Open Minds reports.

“I saw two bright, orange, oval-shaped objects coming through the trees and going straight up,” the witness told MUFON.

The footage is expectedly of poor quality because it was filmed using a cell phone camera in the dark. But the witness described the objects as oval-shaped and glowing.

The witness was so shocked that she screamed and pointed in the direction of the UFOs emerging from behind nearby trees and rising slowly in the air.

She told MUFON that the objects were certainly not airplanes because she watched them rising vertically, straight up. They also weren’t helicopters because they made no noise.

“I took a picture and tried to get a video, but I was a little shaky and scared. I watched it until I could no longer see it and was scared out of my mind,” the witness said. “I know this was a UFO sighting.”

“I saw two bright, orange, oval-shaped objects coming through the trees and going straight up.”

According to Open Minds, the UFO appeared to have been sighted at a distance less than 500 feet from the witness and at a height also less than 500 feet.

Although MUFON field investigators finally closed the case as “an unknown,” many viewers commented that the UFO could have been drones or other man-made objects.

But many viewers of the video on the Open Minds YouTube channel expressed disappointment with the footage. Most complained that it only shows apparently stationary point sources of light and that it could not be considered UFO footage.

But this is not the first time that viewers have reacted negatively to footage MUFON obtained from witnesses and uploaded online. Apologists have defended previous MUFON UFO footage, saying that online viewers accustomed to watching footage created by professional online hoaxers pushing exaggerated, sensational, and untruthful UFO sighting claims would likely be unimpressed with MUFON footage shot by ordinary people who witnessed unusual aerial phenomenon unexpectedly while going about their daily lives.

“Come on MUFON; where’s the quality?”

“Lol, lol might as well film 2 Christmas lights in my basement, lol.”

“Every single video I’ve seen on MUFON is a pile of s**t,” a disappointed viewer vents. “Just stationary lights in the sky which could easily be planets, satellites, stars…”

“All I know is this video shows nothing of importance and the little bit of light in the video could be anything; so to post it as a UFO sighting is just plain ridiculous,” another viewer commented.

Despite the disapproving comment by viewers, the sighting is very unusual because cases involving UFOs taking off from the ground are rare indeed. Most UFO sightings involve unidentified objects hovering or flying across the sky.

The idea of a UFO taking off from the ground inspired one of the most brazen but successful online UFO hoaxes that critics of the MUFON footage would probably have preferred to see.

Footage titled “Real UFO With Aliens Caught On Camera,” (see below) first uploaded to YouTube in December 2013, by YouTube user 07TV, claimed to show aliens walking outside a UFO parked on a field in Germany. The footage, which also shows the UFO taking off from the field after the aliens had boarded, went viral online, garnering more than 10 million views.

The video description claimed the footage was filmed in “Reutlingen ‘Ohmenhausen’ Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.”

The description also touted the footage as the “100 percent the best UFO/Alien sighting ever.”

Although the footage contained many obvious CGI-related flaws and giveaways, it went viral online, and strangely, many viewers actually believed it was authentic.

But it was later confirmed that the footage was created by a YouTuber known for a string of online CGI visual effects hoaxes, including Bigfoot and mermaid footage, according to Open Mind‘s Alejandro Rojas.

The video below shows footage by 07TV, titled “UFO Caught From Helicopter in Montana, U.S.A.”

The CGI quality of the footage is obvious.

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