Britney Spears: The One Thing She Can’t Give Her Sons

Britney Spears is truly a worldwide phenomenon. Fly to China, and you will still find plenty of Spears’ fans (although her nickname translates to “Little Sweety” over there). But although she may have tens of millions of fans, it was recently revealed by Entertainment Tonight that two of the most important people in Britney’s life, 9- and 10-year-old sons Jayden James and Sean Preston, are not included in that group.

Last night, an reporter from Entertainment Tonight was attending the launch of Britney Spears’ new perfume line, Private Show, when she ran into one of Britney’s assistants, Felicia Culotta.

The interviewer later reported back to ET and said that she had learned some very interesting — and rather surprising — news from Culotta, nicknamed “Fe.”

Namely, that Britney Spears’ sons dreaded the moments before shows their dear old mother (“old” may be an exaggeration; Spears is only 34) had to transform from Britney Jean Spears, the loving mom with a pleasant Mississippi drawl, to Britney, the internationally known pop music megastar and sex symbol.

“Fe told me that before shows, Britney is often backstage playing games with her sons, Sean and Jayden,” the ET source reported.

“Fe revealed that when it’s time for Britney to start her show, her sons get sad and often tell Fe, ‘No, please don’t make her be Britney Spears right now.'”

The news comes as a bit of a shock, because, as Refinery 29 points out, Britney seems like she is normally the perfect mom. She spends tons of time with her kids and takes them to very cool events, both in and out of the Las Vegas area, and she is constantly airing touching love letters to them, via the press.

They appear to be the perfect family most of the time, which is why it’s a bit surprising that the source of Britney’s livelihood is also a source of familial tension.

One could argue that you can’t really blame Spears’ boys though. After all, who wants to see their mother nightly turn into a part-media monger and part-sex retailer like Britney spears?

“Britney is so frequently viewed as famous and untouchable, we often forget that to her two boys she’s just ‘Mom,'” writes ET.

And the one thing Britney refuses to give up, even for her beloved sons, is her wildly successful career and image.

Fortunately, says Cosmopolitan, Spears has become a master of shapeshifting and has no problem reverting to her “loving mom” mode as soon as she walks offstage. Britney can then spend the next few days as her real self, showering her sons with love and affection — not to mention the lavish lifestyle her pop legacy affords. It can never last, though, considering what an active performer Britney Spears is.

The big question is, will this cut the career of Britney Spears short? She has shown time and time again that she values her sons more than anything else in life, and, since Britney has been a huge star since she released …Baby, One More Time in 1999, one can be sure that she has more than enough money saved up to provide for all three of them for the rest of their lives.

Pop music source Breathe Heavy notes that Britney Spears has often been “touted as the new Madonna,” but it is difficult to imagine Britney will keep up her career for another 20-plus years to keep working into her late 50s, like Madonna, if her career continues to bother her sons that much.

Besides, as the Inquisitr reported previously, recently surfaced comments from Britney Spears’ record label about her declining vocal quality may point to the fact that her career is winding down, anyway.

Whether Jaden and Preston’s attitudes concerning Britney’s alter-ego will change as the Spears boys get older is up for debate.

What do you think? Is the pop music rule of Britney Spears slowly drawing to a close, or will she continue to reign for many years to come? Britney fan or not, make yourself heard in the comments section below!

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