Justin Bieber Gets A Full Taste Of Murphy’s Law Enroute To Cincinnati Concert

Justin Bieber has learned that if anything can go wrong, it will on his way to his Purpose concert in Cincinnati. It was supposedly double trouble for the superstar, but the first one would turn out to be an actual blessing for the Biebs. The other one, though, was totally unexpected, which could have potentially left Justin limping on stage during his concert on Friday.

First, the Justin Bieber tour bus broke down in the middle of the road. Bieber and his entourage, therefore found themselves stranded in Hamilton, Illinois, according to the Daily Mail. It wasn’t long before Justin’s team found a suitable place to pass the night.

The accommodation’s price tag was a hefty $10,000 per night plus $1,000 deposit. It was definitely pricey. However, the castle-like dwelling had everything that Justin Bieber was looking for. Although there were only four rooms, this place’s other features more than make up for the limitation.

To illustrate, the property had an indoor pool, a lavish dining room, as well as living room areas. The place definitely wasn’t new, but somehow its old world elegance would appeal to Justin Bieber. His entourage is usually known to ask for a game room, screening room, gym, bar, basketball court, and a jukebox.

As highly creative people, the Justin Bieber entourage need to be in their best shape and form. It’s not enough to have a good sleep and great food to eat. They also need a very stimulating place in order to keep the creative juices flowing.

After all, they only had one night to get their acts together. There is a lot that the audience doesn’t see in the preparation for a concert. The final product is usually just the tip of the iceberg.

Even if the repertoire is basically the same, there’s always the chance that there are some changes needing to be made to the actual performance — major or otherwise. Even though the concept may be the same for Purpose, for instance, the treatment may evolve over time depending on audience feedback and interaction.

When these changes happen, usually the dance aspect or choreography is the most affected. Changes also happen at the concert venue, during the rehearsal stage, but it’s always better to address the big changes in the rest area prior to the concert.

Accordingly, brainstorming at say, the video room may be light or heavy. Sometimes, there may not even be any changes to discuss at all. Justin Bieber may only need to clear his mind. In this case, the accommodation’s full-size video game system can take Justin’s mind off the concert in order to give him a chance to get a fresh perspective on things.

Never underestimate the effect of great nature vistas to a creative person like Justin Bieber. This particular property “overlooks the Mississippi River as well as Keokuk, Iowa.”

And that’s how a disadvantage such as getting stranded becomes an actual advantage for Bieber’s team. Unfortunately, another bad thing happened as TMZ reported.

“Biebs went down hard during a pick-up game Friday in Cincinnati… and came out of it with a severely swollen ankle… Justin says he’s going to have to take it easy onstage but promises he’s still gonna crush.”

So after turning around a major delay in transportation — into something fruitful — another unexpected mishap occurs. Welcome to Justin Bieber’s world. But the show must go on.

And so up the concert stage, Justin Bieber proceeds to create music magic for the crowd like nothing happened. Many fans were elated by the hitmaker’s soulful performance that Friday night at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati. It was nothing short of a miracle, which further deepens Justin Bieber’s belief in God, especially since the megastar believes that his latest concert series, dubbed Purpose is primarily a spiritual journey.

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