ASOS Down: Shoppers Blame #Brexit And $1 USD To 0.73 GBP Conversion Rate

If you want to see what ASOS has to offer, a search for the images on the ASOS website, via Google Images, is about as close as you will get, as of this writing. The ASOS website has been down for hours and shoppers are blaming the #BrexitVote as the reason ASOS isn’t letting anyone shop for juicy deals and save money. Reports of ASOS briefly coming back up then going down again on Friday have filled social media.

As of this writing, one U.S. dollar equals 0.73 British pound, a conversion rate that seems an inverse rate. In the past, one U.S. dollar has equaled about one-and-a-half British pounds. Shoppers are responding to ASOS aplenty on the ASOS Facebook page, on the ASOS Instagram page, as well as on the ASOS Twitter page to let the company know their disappointment.

The ASOS app and website have provided messages that let their shoppers know they can’t shop at ASOS currently.

“Erm, ‘scuse us, we need a little time out. The site isn’t currently available but we’re doing everything we can to get it back up soon!”

Shoppers aren’t buying the excuse that ASOS is simply down due to technical difficulties or some other type of routine maintenance. Online, ASOS is being accused, via social media, of taking the time to adjust their prices online in the wake of the big shakeup in the market.

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As seen in the above photo, a store proclaimed that they had to sell everything in the wake of the decision that Britain would leave the European Union, or EU, as it were. The store in London had the colors of the Union flag on Friday, June 24. As soon as the Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron, said he was stepping down after Britain was voted out of the EU, the markets tumbled.

The below photo shows the New York Stock Exchange, or NYSE, and the results of the Dow Jones industrial average as it dropped a whopping 611 points. On Friday, June 24, the market closed down 3.4 percent with stocks plunging in the U.S.

[Photo by Richard Drew/AP Images]
Meanwhile, not everyone on social media is ranting and raving that ASOS is down on payday. Some shoppers are calling the fact that they can’t spend too much money on ASOS a blessing in disguise.

Other shoppers speculated that ASOS was being hacked, since the outage lasted for hours upon hours. However, when one Facebook user asked ASOS if they had indeed been hacked, the ASOS Facebook customer service rep answered that ASOS had not been hacked. Instead, the outage is being called a technical glitch.

“Nope, just a tech glitch that’s in the hands of our tech team — working as fast as we can to get this fixed Irina, ASOS Danielle.”

Those that surmise ASOS is taking their website down in order to increase their prices can try and verify their theories about price gouging whenever the ASOS website comes back to life.

Meanwhile, more social media reaction to ASOS being down for so long can be read in sample comments below.

“At this point, all we can do is pray for the IT crew.

“Asos got back and broke down again?!?!

“Correcting prices over there;

“I am assuming they are correcting prices

where art thou???? It’s been like a whole day

“I am itching to buy something from ASOS! I already placed orders at Victoria’s Secret and River Island while your system was down.”

“Will you please get your f****** site working again? I’ve got heels to buy for a funeral.”

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