Mariah Carey, James Packer ‘Abstaining From Sex Before Marriage’: Practicing Celibate Romance As Wedding Nears

Mariah Carey is abstaining from having sex before marriage with soon-to-be husband James Packer, it has been alleged.

The couple, who announced their engagement in January, allegedly decided to follow through with a “platonic relationship” until they officially tied the knot, with fans already questioning whether this was all Carey’s idea from the start.

When Mariah first announced that she was engaged to ex-husband Nick Cannon, the singer was very vocal about her decision not to sleep with the TV personality until the twosome were married.

Carey’s fans claimed that this was merely down to Mariah Carey’s religious upbringing, which would explain why the 46-year-old is always so quick to announce another engagement as soon as she finds herself in love again.

Sources have now weighed in on the couple’s relationship, claiming that the whole idea of refraining from sex until marriage is actually working out well for the duo. Both of them were still tied to previous partners when they first met, they’ve gone through similar situations as far as their marriages were concerned, so the idea of staying celibate until they are officially named husband and wife is refreshing for Packer and his future wife.

“I hear that it has been a mostly platonic relationship,” a friend of the couple tells The Sydney Morning Herald. “According to what I hear she wants to save herself for the wedding night.”

One of the reasons why this has worked out so well for Mariah Carey simply comes down to the fact that she’s constantly keeping herself busy. When she’s not performing at her Las Vegas residency, she is recording an album, filming her forthcoming reality show, taking care of her children — her time is pretty much filled up with more important things than sex.

Besides, it is often stressed that those who wait until marriage often find themselves having better relationships with their partners once they do go ahead and tie the knot.

In his book The Wait, Devon Franklin, the Franklin Entertainment CEO — and husband to actress Meagan Good — famously claimed that practicing celibacy until marriage shows one’s self-control over their own needs. If the person in question can abstain from giving into temptation, they can more or less overcome anything that marriage will throw at them.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Mariah Carey was hoping to marry James Packer in a lavish ceremony over the summer, but with the news that her estranged husband Nick Cannon is holding up the divorce proceedings, the “You’re Mine” hitmaker may now be forced to postpone the wedding until next year.

Carey is said to have canceled all of her plans for the summer because she strictly wanted to focus her time on the wedding, who she was going to invite, what she’d wear, and most of all, where the ceremony would take place.

But with Nick reportedly having failed to sign off on the documents that Mariah’s attorneys have presented the TV star with, Carey is said to be feeling frustrated — in more ways than one.

The singer knows that James is a good man. She’s seen him around her children and they adore him. On top of that, for the fact that he would not only agree to the idea of practicing celibacy until their wedding just shows how determined the Australian billionaire is to make the relationship with Mariah work.

If Nick doesn’t sign the divorce papers soon, Mariah will have to wait until next year before she’ll find the time to marry James Packer, and by then, she’ll be even more frustrated — mentally, physically, and sexually.

Do you think Mariah Carey will make it down the aisle with James Packer? And what do you make of her decision to refrain from sex until marriage?

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