Mariah Carey, James Packer Wedding In Turmoil As Nick Cannon ‘Refuses To Sign Divorce Papers’

Mariah Carey’s wedding to James Packer may never happen now that the couple is said to be at each other’s throats on many given days.

According to Life & Style, Mariah’s wedding plans may be placed on hold for several reasons. Carey has been frustrated with the fact that her estranged husband Nick Cannon has refused to sign off on their divorce, reportedly stressing that he’s still in love with Mariah and doesn’t want her to marry the Australian billionaire.

A source reveals that Mariah was hoping to marry James over the summer because that’s the only time she’ll be free from her Vegas residency while recording her forthcoming studio album. But now that she has all this free time over the summer, Nick is refusing to sign off on the divorce, putting all of her plans in turmoil.

It’s gotten so bad that the negative vibes from Mariah are now being passed over to James, who is constantly bickering with the singer, an insider alleges. Their arguments are more or less caused by the fact that Mariah’s husband won’t sign off on the divorce, evidently affecting Carey’s romance with Packer.

“All that Mariah and James have been doing lately is fighting,” the source explains. “James has been very patient with her, but the last thing he wants is to go through this crazy wedding planning again.”

If Nick is going to sign off on the divorce, he is alleged to have demanded more money from the “We Belong Together” hitmaker. The tabloid claims that Cannon would consider finalizing the divorce if he was to receive a significant amount in return, but Carey has refused to give in because she is already alleged to have given the TV personality certain properties that were bought with her own money.

If it wasn’t for the couple’s twins, Mariah Carey would be handling this divorce process differently, making sure that Nick wouldn’t leave with a penny, but all in all, the stress that Cannon is putting on Mariah is overwhelming her to the point where she’s now fighting with James Packer.

Having just completed her European tour and now being back in Vegas for her successful residency, Mariah is too busy to focus her attention on Nick and his childish behavior. She is slowly coming to terms with the fact that she won’t be able to marry James Packer this year, but with that said, Carey hopes that any issues between her and James can be settled. After all, they are only bickering because of Nick.

Sources say that the 46-year-old will be out of her marriage by the end of the year, and one can assume that if Nick continues to be so stubborn with the whole divorce process, he’s going to make himself look very bad when all is said and done. Mariah is still the mother of his children, and if Nick is already giving Carey so much hassle regarding the divorce, she’ll have no interest in co-parenting with someone who is purposely preventing her from being happy.

Who are you siding with in this nasty divorce battle? And better yet, do you think Mariah will ever make it down the aisle with her billionaire fiancé?

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